Robs Twinscroll S400 Build by stretchedk7

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Robs Twinscroll S400 Build

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I am bored and this is the result. I bought my car new in 06 and it has been through many many changes since. Total monies invested at this point is 105k. Obviously you can duplicate it for alot less, its just all the different setups that got me where it is today were money spent. This is not my daily anymore either as you will be able to tell.

So what we all want to know first!!:

car was dom3 full bolt ons, stock 5 spd-first dyno made 330 at 14.5 psi (93 octane)

that dyno^ car had a boost issue and I decided just from the wg numbers it wasnt going to cut it so sold it for an ultimate racing 35r kit.

Car put down 380 next dyno on 93 pump. 35r plus boltons stock block. Had a perrin blow thru pipe and it was crap.

Next dyno was draw thru and no more perrin blow thru and 6 speed trans.

Car made 425 on stock block and 93 octane.

Then, ringland cracked and I built my first motor, full build more details on that later but made 430 at 18 psi. 460 at 20. 475 at 21.5 psi.

Stopped there because had bad coil packs (plural). Took car home and fixed issue and retuned myself on street to 25 psi. That put me around 505-525 on pump 93.

Now, swapping to hta86 or 42r or something of that sort and will be putting down 700-780 at 33-39 psi.



The beginning: td04, full bolt ons. Perrin fmic, 850 injectors, walbro 255, plugs. Pretty much every bolt on other than a ewg. The tow truck pics are from my first 5 speed dying. Since I bought the car I killed 2 5 speed trans (both new ones) and now i have an 07 sti trans. No issues with it yet (bought new). Car was open sourced by me when it was td04. Horsepower was 265-275. Tq was in the 350 ft lb range (22 psi).

After that, I went to the dominator 3. Heres a few pics of that  Sorry not many pics of this, they have all been erased. This is all I have.

After that, I went to the 6 speed and ultimate racing 35r kit. Car made 425 in its final trim on stock block motor. Here are the pics for that. 

I will keep the pics coming till we are all caught up on where I am at now with it. More 35r pics still havent got to built motor pics and the high hp 35r setup.

Ok so next uP will be the built motor pics and everything associated with that. Car also went to an aem ecu. Will post mod sheet.

Heres a video of making 425 on stock block. 


And that brings us to the built motor i put in it next. heres the mod list. It might have a few updated things on it but close enough.


Aebs sleeved Ej257 block

Block honed

Oil journals modded 

Cp pistons (99.5mm bore/9.0-1 compression) swaintech coated (domes and skirts)

Manley turbo tuff rods

King xp bearings (Main and crank)

08 Sti crank nitride coated

Stock head gaskets

Arp custom aged 625 head studs

Jdm 12 mm oil pump (ported out)

Killer B motorsports oil pickup tube

Gsc S3 cams (282/282)

Supertech valves (nitride intake/inconel exhaust)

Supertech dual valve springs/retainers

Cobb lightweight crank pulley

Aem Ems 

Mpt tuning custom wiring harness jumper

Aem inlet air temp sensor

Aem 5 bar map sensor

4 inch inlet pipe/k&n filter

Ultimate Racing 35r kit 

Forced performance hta86 turbo

garrett 1.06 exhaust housing

Tial 44mm wastegate (wastegate pressure- 17.4 psi)

Uppipe coated and wrapped

Custom intercooler-garrett core (28x13x5) 

Extreme turbo system custom end tanks 3 inch inlet/outlet

3 inch intercooler piping hot/cold side

Hks hi-power catback (resonator removed-test pipe welded in)

3 inch exhaust cut out

Grimmspeed ported and polished throttle body (heat coated)

Gruppe-s uel header(coated and wrapped)

Tial 50mm bov

Tgv deletes (heat coated)

Grimmspeed 8mm phenolic spacers

Hallman manual boost controller (ceramic ball)

Crawford v1 air/oil separator

Ngk iridium one step colder plugs

P and L motorsports air pump deletes

Precision turbo blanket


Injector Dynamics id2000 injectors (2200 cc's)

Two Aeromotive 340 lph fuel pumps intank

2 feed lines (-8 an) one for each rail

2 jegs fuel filters

-8 return line

Aeromotive fuel rails

Aeromotive fpr

B & M pressure gauge


Koyo aluminum radiator

Stock thermostat

Canton coolant overflow


07 Sti 6 speed transmission

Act 6 puck sprung clutch

Act streetlight flywheel

Kartboy short throw shifter with bushings

Kartboy rear shifter stay bushing

Kartboy front shifter bushings

Kartboy outtrigger bushings

Kartboy rear diff support bushings

Whiteline rear subframe locks 

2005 rear diff

Modded sti driveshaft

Beatrush motor mounts

Group N sti tranny mount

Agency power pitch mount


Ati clock pod

Defi-link gauges

Defi-link controller

boost/egt/water temp

Autometer cluster pod

Aem wideband 

Sti 6 speed shift boot and metal boot ring


Rota dpt rims 17x9

Falken azenis 615 tires 255-17-40

Cusco 22mm swaybar

Megan track series coilovers

Rays lugnuts

Alright enough of the boring pics heres some videos. Then ill show what I have been getting into lately with wanting to make serious power.


Car now rocks a 5 inch wide intercooler core and custom piping I fabricated. Its 3 inch the entire way. It is mich more efficient as I picked up 3 psi without touching the boost controller. For that matter car has 18 psi spring in wg and it makes 23 psi with no boost controller. The dump pipe I run now in place of an exhaust helps alot as well as the car has some head light mods. Maybe ill post pics of them later.

Many ppl said it was imporrible to get 3 inch piping to fit with stock size battery but as usual "impossible" just meant moderately difficult at best. Stainless steel piping seems to be much better as far as heat dissipation as well. Theres about 2200$ in fabbing up the intercooler from start to finish. I had ets (extreme turbo systems) to build me the end tanks.


3 big daddy fuel pumps coming soon and some -12 feed line. no more fuel issues. im over it

More updates.


trans was new in this video ^ had a kb short throw. I hated it. just recently got rid of it.


Great build detail and photos!

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