1990-93 Celica LHD power folding mirror DIY by cuttyman9

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Power Folding Mirror DIY 

Compliments of cuttyman9 @ http://5thgencelica.com


Retractable mirrors

I'm working on a mirror swap on my Celica

The car: 1992 Celica GT hatchback

I picked up a pair of retractable JDM RHD celica mirrors from the local junkyard (lucky I know)

Issues to resolve:
-different wiring for power adjustable part
-change out the mirrors to a LHD friendly vehicle (convex right side, flat left side)
-wire up the heated mirror portion (comes with the mirror replacements)

So far I ordered the mirror lens replacements from "car-parts-market" seller off of ebay out of the UK
they are heated variants.

The mirror heaters will be wired to the factory rear defrost button on the dash allowing it to shut itself off and also to reduce the number of switches/buttons in the car as well as keeping a factory look.

need to locate a part number for the relay and one for the switch to find out if they are able to be ordered through standard toyota dealers in the US

This is still in progress, I will post more as I go

i snagged the how to off of alltrac.net;

by going off of that it should allow you to successfully swap the mirror lenses.

"car-parts-market" is a good seller, the shipping time is a little long but it is coming from the UK and they have heated or non heated options and convex or flat style for whichever side you choose.
If you have the ebay app on your phone you wont find them but if you search ebay on the computer it will bring them up. Its the one place I could find these style mirrors that would change to LHD.

^the backside of the mirror, heater element in place probably will add more double sided tape

^the front side of the new mirror

^factory wires from the stock mirrors (3 wires only, retractable ones have 7)

more pictures, my plan with the wiring is to redo the plug in so the mirror will have 3 connectors; one for the mirror glass adjustment, another for the retractable part and the last one for the heating element.
I sourced the 4 pin connector for the retractable part from the tail light of a lexus sedan and the 3 pin ones for the mirror adjustment from a camry and celica mirror adjustment wiring the last one I'm unsure what I'll use for the 2 wires.

^this picture shows the difference between the convex mirror on RHD vehicles and the flat mirror for LHD vehicles. The top is the flat LHD one and the bottom is the convex RHD one

^7 pin mirror connector(JDM ones)

^glass came out pretty easily, I taped the face and heated it up then worked it out in a circular motion popping the edge out from under the plastic

^the bottom is where it attaches to the motor, the black part attaches to the white part so pry against the black part with a screw driver

^the backside of the black plate that snaps to the motor and holds the glass

^ the frontside of the black plate


So a continuation on this project, its since been finished.

The starting point was some power folding RHD mirrors, I also acquired some non power folding LHD mirrors.

What I did was cut the connector off because I had a lot of trouble finding a 7 pin straight pigtail and to maintain the factory wiring on the car I decided to isolate the specific functions of the mirror in separate pigtails. This allowed me to use the mirror movement functions while working on the wiring of the folding function and the heating function.

This leaves me with 3 pigtails off the mirrors, one 2 pin for the heated section (used from the speaker connection off another toyota i believe) one 4 pin connector (from a lexus LS ashtray) and a 3 pin (from a mirror off a 5th gen)

Here are a few pics of the swap to LHD and some of the wiring. I also sanded down the info on the mirror to provide a cleaner look.

^this is the difference in the housings of a LHD and RHD folding mirror (white is LHD, grey is RHD)

^top view

^internals of LHD

^internals of RHD

^Part Numbers of each or reference numbers at least

^base differences, this is another key difference!

^mirror internals for the power folding with the dust boot removed from the motor exposing all its inner workings, the heated wires must be ran through here to get to the inside of the car

^a finished LHD power folding mirror

^the wiring I spoke of

^note the difference in the final product, the RHD ones can be tweaked to work even without the LHD housings.

^wiring and sealing of the final product

this is far from an easy conversion to go full LHD power folding, but it does work well in folding, heating and vision.

I had to remove a decent amount of material on the base where the bottom of the mirror swivels and bolts to the window mount.
The parts inside need significant mods to fit in the other housings, its easier to space the glass out and get the appropriate glass.

It's also very worthy to keep the concave glass on the driver side, once you get used to it it's well worth it. I regret going to flat glass on the driver side.

Thank you for checking this out