Mk4 toyota supra cummins diesel build

By whitz
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Few hours earlier got wind of a shell with logbook kicking around, abit later I'm getting it picked up (I'm a terrible impulse purchaser of cars)

Pictures mixed on upload so not in the best of orders

When i got the supra back to work after losing storage

what ive got to work with

not much of the interior left but most of whats not there would be coming out anyway

I'm a sucker for punishment, due to the tight time frame i had half a day to strip everything out all wiring dash sound proofing off the floor etc out to prep for the cage

Pic jumped out of order, this was yesterday (saturday) around midday finally at place to get the cage built, hard points of the car put back in place eg heater unit dash bar column to work around

some of the crap that had to come out

more crap that had to come out, rear diff and shafts off an LS430 for a lower 3.23 ratio diff should be okice helped a little bit, wouldn't recommend it too much tho

Iwasnt left with much to start with

Bit scabby but no major rust bit of a clean and will be all good

back at the other place big tools and lots of steel for a good time

bit of drift spec damage on the rear quarter panel, outer has been resin'd and fillered

snap of scott, who has as many bad ideas as me

exo skeleton ? ;)  nah

no weight in the car and already a broken spring

was like this 11pm last night (saturday) had a few issues broke the former  :-X  and a few bad bends but main hoop and extra pieces is in

il be going back out to it shortly

got rear half of cage fully welded in along with harness bar and rear pieces

All pipes hand scollaped and fettled so takes a bloody long time

all welded in

making up the seat bars for the bucket seats, 3mm steel bend on the press brake then trimmed to fit the floor


This is my kind of build right here. Very nicely done!

Posted by Squonkwerkz Garage on 9/28/21 @ 2:07:53 AM

I bet the purists probably don't like this, but screw them! This thing looks like a blast!

Posted by stevegolf on 10/22/20 @ 11:15:40 PM

This thing is insane. Definitely not a swap I would think of doing, but it looks like it will be a blast to drive. I like the mad max look you have going too.

Posted by MPower on 10/1/20 @ 8:26:26 PM

Wow thanks for sharing!

Posted by Diggymart on 9/20/20 @ 2:50:40 PM