Mk4 toyota supra cummins diesel build

By whitz
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yes 5.9 6BT cummins diesel engine

seats are all in (no pic as of now) only decided to make the rear roll cage due to time constraints and with my bad joints i suspect i wont be able to get in and out easily as it would be very tight

front chassis legs ground up for spreader plates for the front engine mounts, previous paint job is very poor quality just flakes off

spreader plates welded in place upper and sides fully welded around edges and plug welded to stop the engine ripping itself out of the chassis


Had 1 day over the weekend due to shows so pretty rushed
Before pic of under arhc just for reference and show what i started with

one box full of brake parts for the rear, solid +flexi hell lines Mtec discs blacked handbrake shoes and fitting kit

Dropped the rear subframe to clean and paint it up (havent got time to get it blasted and coated) upper arms where polybushed which was a bonus

Mostly all stripped down 2 arm stuck in place (camber bolt seized to bush and centre turned) will sort out at a later date

doing the under side section by section one medium layer all over for a nice finish then doubled up on the seams to give it a really nice finish

subframe coated heavily in paint after being de rusted like all the arms etc assembled wet so got covered in the stuff, not the prettiest but will need some touch ups 

Ls400 rear shafts are too long and jammed up hard into the diff so will have to shorten and sleeve like i did on the fiat

Quick test fit of the ST205 2 pot rear calipers to make sure they bolt up (which they do) with stock dics, annoyingly the temp wheels do not fit so taken back off but ive still got to order in handbrake cables (was broken) and fit all the handbrake items when they arrive


This is my kind of build right here. Very nicely done!

Posted by Squonkwerkz Garage on 9/28/21 @ 2:07:53 AM

I bet the purists probably don't like this, but screw them! This thing looks like a blast!

Posted by stevegolf on 10/22/20 @ 11:15:40 PM

This thing is insane. Definitely not a swap I would think of doing, but it looks like it will be a blast to drive. I like the mad max look you have going too.

Posted by MPower on 10/1/20 @ 8:26:26 PM

Wow thanks for sharing!

Posted by Diggymart on 9/20/20 @ 2:50:40 PM