Alternator installation for 2.0t engine

Vehicle: VW CC
Time/Difficulty: Easy about 1 hour
Parts Needed:
  • Alternator
Tools Needed:
  • 10mm
  • 13 mm
  • 17 mm
  • Breaker bar
  • Sandpaper (optional)
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4 minute read

How to install a new alternato.

First disconnect the battery. This is very important! use the 10 mm to remove the negative cable.

You will want to take the belt off the old alternator. Use your 17mm socket and a breaker bar or large wrench in the tensioner pulley bolt and crank on it to release the tension on the belt. Now you can pull the belt off the alternator pulley. (note: new alternator in the photo below)

With the belt off use the 13mm socket to remove the four bolts holding the alternator to the engine.

With the bolts remove you can more easily access the back of the alternator to remove the power cable and a sensor plug. You may need a flathead screwdriver to pop the sensor plug off. Power cable comes off with the 13mm socket There may be a plastic cap on the power cable bolt you will have to remove first.

The plastic plug.

Look how corroded that cable is, we will need to fix that before reinstalling.

It is a very tight squeeze pulling the alternator out. Disconnecting this sensor gives you a few more millimeters to work with.

Old vs new

Use sandpaper to clean up the power cable. You need a strong connection so remove any corrosion.

Remove the power cable bolt from the back of the new alternator.

Slide the new alternator in place and plug in the sensor connector. You can also put the powe cable on its bolt with the nut your removed.

Start threading in the 4 bolts. Make sure you start all four before tightening them down.

Use the breaker bar on the tensioner so you can reroute the belt. Make sure it is properly centered on the pulley.

Reconnect the sensor plug and the battery. I had to jump the car with the C10.

Start the car and check to make sure the belt is working properly. Now you are good to go!