Headlight bulb replacement

Vehicle: VW CC
Time/Difficulty: Easy - 5 minutes
Parts Needed:
  • Bulbs
Tools Needed:
  • None

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How to replace your headlight bulbs.

it is quite easy, you can do it without tools in a few minute.

First open your hood.

You need H7 sized bulbs

Under the upper frame rail is a cap on the rear of the headlight you remove by twisting.

You can see the bulb with the 2 wire harness attache. Turn it about 1/8th of a turn and it should pop out.

To remove the bulb just pry it out. May need to rock it back and forth as it will be in there pretty good.

Simply insert the new bulb in the same orientation as the old bulb. Take care not to touch the bulb with your fingers as I’ve heard dirt and oils from your hand can cause issues when the bulb heats up

Now insert the bulb back into the housing with the tab pointing almost straight up. When you rotate the side tabs should wedge themselves behind the two screws.

Screw the cap back on and you are done!

Its recommended to replace driver and passenger lights at the same time as they have similar lifespans and if one goes the other will follow.

Congrats you have lights!