VW CC Taillight Replacement

Vehicle: VW cc
Time/Difficulty: Easy
Parts Needed:
  • Replacement taillights
Tools Needed:
  • 16 mm socket / wrench
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2 minute read

The taillights on the old CC filled with water and started growing a little ecosystem in there. Pretty gross so time to replace!

Got two like new replacements from the junkyard for a good price.

Open your trunk and you’ll see removable panels behind the taillight. this is where the bolts are to remove the lights. Use your 16mm socket To remove the three bolts. Move the blue clip to remove the wiring harnes.

With the bolts out and harness disconnected the lights should slide out. Make sure to clean up the gross sludge that’s in there.

Depending on the lights you may need to transfer the inner seal panel to your new light.

Now you have some fresh looking lights! Confirm all the bulbs work and replace if necessary.