1991 Corrado - G60 Engine Knock - Restoration

By northendroid
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I'm the third owner of this VW 1991 Corrado G60 Supercharged 1.8L it had spent 3 years stored outside under a huge pine tree after some engine issue with heavy backfiring. 4.5 hours drive from Toronto we arrive in our home town of Cornwall, Ontario. Although the engine ran it made very little power and had a bad knock. It barely made it onto the car dolly under its own power. First order when we got it home was to pressure the outside and wash out the pine needles from the engine bay.

Engine bay cleaning

The body was Ziebart early in it live not perfect but in good shape for the year, the driver side rocker will need some work, previous owners wife ran over a snowbank and pushing in the rocker.

Being under a pine tree the sap has dug itself into the paint, right down to the primer.

It did clean up pretty well, too bad the sap was so deep because the paint would have buffed out nicely

Interior is in good shape, like cars this age the driver bolster is ripped

Time for some heart surgery

Previous owner fix, to put more tension on the serpentine belt :-(

Well it out

This would be the reason it had a knock, the bearing for con rod #4 is MIA, so crank is finished

Bearing for the other con rod (not good)

Contacted a Vortex Forum member in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada regarding a supercharger and water pump billet pulleys. Turn out to be a G60 golden mine in my backyard. Met Issam Abed from iAbed Industries he also had two brand new AEB blocks with crank and intermittent shaft installed. Purchased both, one to get the car back on the road, the other to build a 20V. 1.8T to eventually replace the G60 motor. Also purchased brand new 20V. head.

More 20V parts I picked up

Also found Performance FPR (3.5 bar Fuel Pressure Regulator), BBM Stage 4 Chip, 268°/260° Sport, Race Asymmetrical Cam

Engine parts arrived

Some of the mods required on the AEB block:

Add Frost Plug

Drill and tap bolt hole through the block and into the oil pan for G60 oil return

Plug Crank Position Sensor Port

Got new ARP con rod bolts, got the machine shop to re-size the con rod as recommended by ARP.

Got the bolt hole drilled and tape for the G60 oil return

Built a ghetto engine lift out of 2 x4, 2 x6 with a 1 ton cable puller to change out the old PG block with the new AEB block on the engine stand, safely on the engine stand without hurting myself or others LOL! While the AEB was in the lift I re-install the flywheel and used the flywheel lock tool to get AEB crank bolt loose.

Had a stripped allen bolt that holds the harmonic pulley/power steering pump pulley to the crank pulley, bolted the assembly onto the AEB block, drove a torxs bit into it, held back the crankshaft at the opposite end and was able to break away the allen bolt 

Installed the pistons into the AEB block:

All went well till I got to piston#4, notice the rod bearing cap wasn't fitting right when I snug up the bolts prior to checking bearing clearance. Remove the piston only to find the skirt on the opposite side of the oil squirters now has a chip broken off. The PG block doesn't have an impulse wheel so I now need to remove the crankshaft, impulse wheel and reinstall everything. I'll be looking for another stock 81mm PG piston and some new cap bolts as well. Another hiccup in the hybrid build 

Got the impulse wheel removed and everything retorqued.

Back to piston 4 issue now the piston is hitting the oil squirter.

Removed the crankshaft and measured what I need to clear the oil squirter measurement is 4.63mm 

The oil squirter clearance issue in piston #4 is because it sits lower  the other three cylinders.

Got the stripped allen bolt loose on last days off but hadn't looked at the harmonic balancer, like I expected 25yrs old rubber is cracked so be replacing that as well.

Got the BBM 268/260 camshaft changed out and the FPR. Also put the chipped ECU back in the car.

Prepped a bunch of parts for paint yesterday and today got the cylinder head prepped and painted. Using my wind driven side draft paint booth:

Cylinder head primed two coats of VHT etching primer, tried VHT Aluminum but wasn't a big fan of how it looked, so doing two coats of VHT Titanium Silver Blue then two coats of VHT clear coat. Primered:

Installed new coolant flanges, new "O" rings, clips and cleaned up the temp sensors. Cleaned up the fuel rail, injectors and bracketing. Finished painting the valve cover and put it all back together ready to install on the block.

Temp sensors corrosion removed:

Got the pistons 4 clearance issue with oil squirter solved, oil pump, oil pan, water pump and cylinder head installed.

Prepped and painted 02A shift tower and the shift cable support bracket, install new bushings, slider and tower shaft seal.

I purchased a cheap bench top sandblaster and some glass bead media. Not 100% where I want it but in time I'll get the parts looking almost new. Two halves of the G-lader:

Picked up a 02A tranny from a 16V Passat, has a better gear ratio then the stock tranny. Bonus got a newer starter (which I needed) and another clutch with on 6,000 KM on it. The drawback was it was an 16hrs road trip to go get it in Windsor, Ontario.

Pick up the Neuspeed Strut Bar from Vortex member VRT. These were made for the VR6 but it will clear the G60 intake manifold with a bit of tweaking.

Finally got my Sebring wheel for the Corrado that a co-worker donated to the build. Another co-worker agreed to dropped them off to me, they want from Calgary to Nova Scotia (was to late at night when he drove by my place), then from Nova Scotia to Ontario.

This is the plan for this wheels adding a polished lip

What the finished product looks like on the car

Picked up some the parts today from  for my G-lader rebuild, seals, bearing, Apex strips, lube

Picked up the G-lader oil return line, banjo fittings, custom hose adapter from 8mm bolt to AN-2

Received my rain gutter mouldings c/w plastic ends from Vortex member Karmannski in Poland. Great aftermarket replacement since these NLA part.


Always wanted a Corrado. Looking forward to seeing how the build goes 👍

Posted by miatamatt on 10/27/18 @ 5:05:19 PM

Thank you, I love the body line of the Corrado they came after the Scirocco which I love as well.

Posted by northendroid on 10/27/18 @ 6:36:09 PM

Well done! I didn’t realize those were 5v, I’ve always like Corrados and it’s one of very few vw’s I want

Posted by Cuttyman9 on 10/25/18 @ 11:55:13 PM

Thanks! Did you mean 8V? They are a huge commitment both money and time wise. They are one of the must part out build because of that.

Posted by northendroid on 10/26/18 @ 12:42:34 AM

Great build! Looking forward to seeing more updates!

Posted by Diggymart on 10/24/18 @ 2:12:26 PM