Das $build thread$ by dasbeast3.0

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Das $build thread$

Compliments of dasbeast3.0 @ www.vwvortex.com


Well..its come time. I need to fix my c, the trans is shot and since I hate o2a's Im getting rid of it. Hopefully I dont run out of $. For now I just want a solid platform to build upon for f/i. Ill keep this updated as I move along. As of right now I am waiting on parts. Ill get a few last drives in while its running, then pull it apart. I'm all about practicality, my build will be practical, functional and to the point. I dont care about flashy b/s or the latest trends. Clean and simple ftw. This is gonna be a sloooow build because work is slooooowww. Soon enough things will pick up and I'll get moving on it.

The stretch: 

O2m 6 speed


driveshaft shop axles

wire tuck

clean up and repaint the bay

abs delete

do chains ( possibly rebuild motor)

pull fenders

borrow $

spend $.

try to have fun w/o getting pissed off.

sell my other car to fund this sht. 

You all know my sled:


O2m mount:

Not a bad daily for 1k :

Started on the bumper for the 93 Beast today:

Stripped the snowflakes for the daily:

Just getting Misc. sht out of the way to make time/room for the bramble. 


Here's a nice fu ckin update

The whole god damn car needs to be stripped and painted. Whoever did it better not let me find out..thats all I have to say.


Started prepping for paint today but ran out of sandpaper :


Wow this is great! Funny assistant you’ve got there ???? #furryfriend

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