Interior Swap and Renew Complete + extras (VERY VERY Pic centric) by sdezego

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Interior Swap and Renew Complete + extras (VERY VERY Pic centric)

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August 15, 2006

Goodbye '90, Hello '94

I am Finally Done with this phase!. I forced myself to finish it before starting assembling my 2L 20v.

Background: I acquired a late '93 Vr Corrado that was crashed. I decided to take the entire insides (and then some) and do something a little different to bring my 1990 a bit more up to date.

I'll let the pics do the talking, but here was the final list of tasks that kept growing:

- Take entire Tan Leather Interior from donor and custom Dye it

- Custom Dye Visors, Sunroof Console and misc pieces

- Convert D/S door to accept late card

- Swap Complete Late Style Dash, Center Bezel, Switches, Stalks, Clamshells, etc etc

- Added Late Oil Press/Volt

- Swap Late HVAC and Controls

- Fix Heater Door Flaps

- Swap Complete Late style EDL ABS

- Strip and repaint P/S Late Door (Mine had one too many door dings)

- Repaint Side Mirrors and install new Mirror glass

- Rebuild a Hybrid Glass Moonroof and use Late Style Motor, Switch and harness

- Install Late Oil Pressure/Volt Gage

- Swap out most wiring harnesses from the Late '93 and clean up all other wiring.

- Install heated seats switch and harness

- Redo Headliner and Sunroof Shade

- Clean Carpet

- Fix all A pillars and all other misc interior stuff

- Fix all instrument lights, Switch backlights and indicators Note: PITA

- Swapped in Later Cruise system and moved pump out of the Engine bay to the rear inner drivers fender well like the Vr

- New Rain Gutters

- Clear Markers

- Vr ECode Lenses and Bezels Coming for my G60 ECodes

- probably forgetting stuff....

Pic of old interior


Full Story on Donor here ->

The Strip Down and wiring Madness

The Leather Refinish Pics 

See Link here for more information on the process ->

Newly painted doors and mirrors (Base/Clear) Wet sand not necessary here 

Making progress on wiring

HVAC Swaping

Floppy A/C Vent fix 

High Tech Design for adding Late Style Door card brackets. Compare to Late P/S Door

Late Style Door w/ Brackets

Headliner Redo and Sunroof Shade

Sunroof Madness.. Shrapnel, etc

Ended up using a B3 Passat Glass Panel, 93 Corrado Frame, A3 Wind Deflector and Shade, and pick of the crop variations of internal slider parts.

Interior Completion (Conditioner and Flash makes things look much more shiny than they are)


New Mirror Glass

NFL Time ->Go Bucs

August 19, 2006

Here is some information on the Hybrid Sunroof and also some facts about various parts.

My orig Sunroof was working when I pulled it apart, but there was the dreaded Scratches at the rear D/S corner. This is a tell take that the rear slider is broken (See Pic Below). This can also and usually cause the dreaded tilt, but no slide.

The '93 (aside from the Late Style Motor and SW) is identical and was perfect when I removed it. So, the orig plan was to repaint the Green->Black panel which I did. While I was Bench adjusting it manually to get the interior panel in, I heard a dreaded POP. The Pass Side rear slider broke I was gentle and not sure how it happened. I then installed the good P/S slider from my orig one and guess what. Yep, snapped that one too . I was so gentle and so careful and have had other sunroofs apart. The damn thing just self imploded... These pot metal parts are total crap. This forced me to think about a Glass moonroof.

Firstly, I read all of the previous Sunroof swap posts in the FAQ, search etc and here is what I got out of them:

1.) The Passat B3 ('90-'94) sunroof/Glass Fits the corrado best as a retro

2.) The Passat B4 ('95-'97) will work as well as supposedly has some updated design parts??

3.) The A3 ('93-early '99) will also work if the frame is shimmed down with some washers, but the Glass panel is curved slightly more and does not fit as well as the Passat.

4.) Supposedly, in 95/96 there was some redesign in parts for the better.

I was not able to find #4 to be correct I bought a '93 Passat Glass SR, as well as a '97 A3 Glass SR. I dismantled them both and all of the slider parts etc, were the same Aside from the Chrome vs non-chrome Pivot arm. Maybe this the big redesign that people were referring to??

Here is what I found:

1.) Any Electric sunroof frame (Corrado, B3, A3) will work but may require a very small mod for the sun shade if building a Hybrid (See Below).

2.) the Late sunroof motor can be interchanged on any, but you will need the late Switch and SR switch Console since the Switch is in the Dome light housing (See Pic on first page if you are unfamiliar). Preferably get the wiring Harness as well.

3.) All Electric Rear Sliders are the Same and will interchange. As well as the Pivot arm, spring, Cam Grooved Arm, etc.

4.) All Wind deflectors will interchange, but the A3 has nice oval vent holes in them (See Pic). This is the one that I used and will prevent the head numbing resonance when the sunroof is open and the windows up.

5.) The Front Slider Guides all look the same, but are actually slightly different between the Glass/non-Glass SR. I found this out the hard way. The difference is the small arrow shaped piece the the Drip Tray/Interior panel slips and locks into. The Cable Slider assemblies are different. The Solid panel SR uses a shaft on the side that the spring loaded Stair case shaped arm slides onto. The is used to pop the interior shade on tilt. The Glass SR does not use this. The early cable/Slider can probably be modified to use the the glass if you had to, but not vice/versus.

6.) The B3 and A3 shades are different and the rear stop is different (thus the small difference in frames). They can be interchanged with slight mods to the Frame. The B3 Shade has one recessed handle and the rest of the is smooth. The A3 has the handle as well as Vent Holes across the front that let light in when closed. I think it looks much nicer.

7.) The A3 has about 5mm more curvature to it. It will not fit the roof line correctly in the Corrado and don't let anyone tell you different. I put it in just to see what would look like, If you shim the frame down, the center is level with the roof line, but the front corners will have an air/rain gap. Not Good IMO.

8.) All Sunroof parts are total POS..


A3 Sunroof wind deflector. Notice the Oval Shaped vent Holes

Rear Slider and Pivot Arm. Broken... (These are all interchangeable Mk2, A3, B3 and assume B4??)

Following two pics show the difference in the Front Guide/Slider from the Glass/Non-Glass. Notice the Arrow Shaped Arm differences (width and height). These hold the Drip Tray for Glass SR and the interior panel for the non-Glass Sunroof. Note that the H shaped guide/arm is just broken off of the one pictured. This collapses the Wind deflector as the Sunroof closes.

Modification necessary to use the A3 Sunshade in any other SR Frame. This is the stop that the shade hits when opened all of the way. The B3 does not use this and has a bolt and bracket that bolts onto the very end of the frame. It also has some internal pieces that slide in the rear cable track that his these stops. You can see them if you look in the B3 Shade pic below.

Passat B3 Sun Shade

A3 Sunshade

January 30, 2011

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