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I went to crunching some numbers and outlined something I have been wanting to do for a while. I started to watch the classifieds for a few weeks and ended up making a trip..

I've never been to Canada before. It was quite the experience. Thanks to Jay, Andrew, & Tony for the help. In the end we made it back across the boarder (twice!) with this beauty.. hahano 

So, with the donor all set, it was time to search for a recipiant. I looked at a few Corrados around town, but nothing really tickled my fancy. I really wanted to have a VR since it already was 5x100 and had the larger fuel tank. I'm glad I passed on a few of the ones I checked out because shortly after this became available at a pretty decent price..

Previously owned by a fellow Miver, it wasn't too far away and met my search criteria.

The plan is to construct a nice realiable "plush" daily. I'm on some limited cash, so it will probably be a while till it's on the road. Both vehicles have running motors, so I will be selling the swap and any other parts I can to fund the don't be shy to buy some parts!

Let the build begin!


Rabbit pickup to the rescue!

One motor..done.



Made some progress this afternoon. Pulled the transmission off and got it onto the engine stand, then proceeded to tear it down. I still have the intake and exhaust/turbo to pull, but not until a healthy dose of penetrant is applied..

So, the plan is to keep it nice and reliable. The block and head will go out to C-Tech for a refresh and most of everything that can be replaced will. As far as upgrades, it will be as deals come. About the only thing set in stone right now are clutch, nozzles, chip, and exhaust. The 10mm pump is staying, unless an auto pump surfaces for a good price. The turbo I have is in good shape, but I also might be replacing it if something else comes along. I'm not sure about converting to VNT, but maybe a K03/K04 hybrid. Intake will be refabricated and I might end up with a front mount instead of the stock side mount. Like I said, a lot of this is up in the air right now..we'll see. Oh well, time to wash up.

02/18/11 priorities have gone astray.

No secrets here..

Currently with the original 25mm adapters which fits better then I had originally thought, but for the love of my fenders/sidewalls 15mm seems like a better choice; especially now that I know I have the inner clearance for them.


Made some progress on the gauge setup I'll be using. I had an old center cluster from a '93+ that had fallen victim to a previous "custom" project that didn't end too well, so I decided to use what was still useable from it. Some minor trimming to make it fit an earlier style dash, some paint, and I came up with this.



Today I made some progress on the front brakes. Upgraded to the later VR6 calipers and 11.3" rotors. They fill up the wheel a little better then the stock setup that was on there, yet still fit under 15" wheels for the winter.

The ABS is getting ditched for all of the Non-ABS parts out of the Passat. I've got some MK4 rear calipers coming for the back this week.


Was able to make some progress today. Ordered up a new heatercore that was scheduled to be delivered this why not get the job done?

The interior was a little torn apart already from the day the VR came out.. 

A little later, it was all out..

Still awaiting UPS, I got started on cleaning up the bay..

The toothbrush took a beating, but it did the job..

Also got in the South Bend Stg 2 Endurance..

If the weekend's weather stays nice, maybe it'll be the Passat's turn.