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Compliments of n0ftInc


Since the Rabbit is down, I needed some form of transportation until she could be ballin' once again. I heard these are one of the most reliable cars to own, so I decided to hop on it..

Right off the getgo, I needed a way to get my piece bike to the trails, so I got this little guy off eBay..cut the bars down and set her up!

The fork mount is too long for the car though and bumps into the hatch when raised, so that'll be up for sale soon.

Today, I went ahead and tinted the tails..

While those were drying, I swapped out a couple parts from the collection that needed some attention..

After a few coats, I moved onto clear..

The final result..

..hopefully tomorrow I can get a legit plate on her. 

Big thanks to Ed for the deal, and my hunnybunny for letting me use her car for a while.


Took some time today to remove this knight from my fusebox..

The only thing that seemed to work correctly on this whole system was the sticker.. It seems that someone ran into some fuel problems with this car too when I found the lead from the pump jammed into the box alongside a fuse. Fixed the connection, but she wasn't starting, so replaced the fuse and the relay and we were back in business. Just in case I threw a box of fuses and a pair of the relays in the car. Hopefully I won't have to go there.

..been experiencing some soft/low pedal the past couple weeks..flushed it, but didn't help so I got to do the master the other night..filled it with some blue and she's ready to rock..stoppin'on a quarter.



So, I've been gathering a few odds and ends the past few weeks; mostly tune-up stuff, but some fun things as well.

Figured I'd better have this charger re-done as well, so out she came..

..didn't look quite as good on this end..

..and off she goes!



Two weeks later and still don't have a charger..damnit.

The car is looking pretty rough in it's current state.. I took some time today to start cleaning.


After almost an hour:

The other side seemed to be going quicker until it started raining:

Other then that, put the Non-A/C Pulley on..

..and got the SNS Chip in..

Other then the charger, I'm waiting on another order of parts/gaskets as well as some new silicon vacuum tubing to replace all of the old lines in the bay.


Only took a month, but look who showed up..

I was going to have it done in Yellow, but then started thinking that if the motor ever got swapped into something else, yellow might not go well; decided on this "Platinum Gray" instead..which I thought was going to be a bit darker, but oh well.

Dave over at KK was running a special on Stage 4 why not?

15psi @ 2200rpm should be a kick in the pants compared to the 4psi @ 6500rpm I have been used to.

Finish getting everything in this weekend and hopefully we'll be good to go..


Almost got everything going again..attached everything enough to move it from outside to the garage and she started right up..yay. Got to flush the cooling system and install the 3.5bar when it gets here, but hopefully that will be it.

..then hopefully the front end can go back on.



..where is all the summer?

Anywho, my brakes were shot, so I finally got around to doing something about it. I had some extra pads sitting in the garage, but when I got the caliper of, it was seized up..and since no one is interest in the 5x100 swap, it was decided to put it on my car.

Ordered some new parts:

Got the driver's side done today, and but got to put the axel in on the passenger side and bleed the brakes. I also have to track down some VR balljoint plates, since the new balljoints didn't come with the hardware kit..anyone have anything?

..oh, and the track is increased with the VR Control Arms/Axels/Tierods, so here's a little picture compare.

I'm just glad to have the Speedlines back on..



So, yesterday I get home and find a pretty beatup package sitting on my doorstep..

Open it up to find these..I was super pumped that they were already yellow and I didn't have to paint them. 

So away with "the gap"..

The rears are height adjustable..although, I think this might be a little to much rake?

I also modified the speaker pod to account for the dampening adjustment knobs (that were forgoten in the package, but are on their way) you see it:

Now you don't:



Got an alignment today at GAS.



I ordered another one of these VDO Gauges and tested the fitment in this location in the G60..I like how it sits, so I think I'll be doing the same in the VR here pretty quick.



Today's adventure was some MK4 calipers and an Autotech Lightweight Rear Sway:

Some cheap fun without the worry about killing a daily on the track/course.


Yep, from one G60 to the next..these should help keep me planted at Gingerman.

Also upgraded to DE Calipers, 11.3" Rotors with Hawk HPS Pads, & SS Lines..

Was due for a new battery, so I thought a Deka would be a nice addition..

Maximum weight reduction!

Some front end parts got repainted and finally made there way back onto the car..

Other then that, new fluids, and I lowered the rear end a scootch. Still have a few more things to do before Saturday, but nothing too major.


Some pictures from Gingerman..tons of fun!

Got some progress done over the weekend:

Added a MK3 Radio Delete since the stereo has been pulled:

With no radio to drown out the leaky exhaust, I went ahead and added a Raceland Stainless Header. Pretty good bang for the buck.

The fitment wasn't superb, but nothing a little grinding couldn't solve. Props to Tony for helping.


Well it's time to get this thing ready for Grattan. The Deka is still holding it's charge and working great (it's actually temporarily in the DZLRADO right now).

Not too many things to be changed for trackday, but a couple. I swapped out the rear brakelines for some Braided Stainless. I still need to flush it out with some new ATE.

I did end up picking out a helmet and it arrived out for this in your rearview.

Also going to be swapping on some new wheels I've been holding onto for a while..still need to mount some rubber.

Time's running thin..see you on the track!


Found this in the garage today..installed this afternoon.



Well, it's about time to put this car away for the year. I'm pretty happy with how she did at the MIVE Trackday this year. Combined driving between Ben and I, we put on over 180 miles of gential-throbbing abuse. I think the only casualty was my power steering system which boiled over a bit; I am thinking it's time for a manual rack. We ran on some pretty old slicks that held out for the event, but by the end we had corded all four corners.

I've had my eye out for some good deals and ended up with a set of Toyo R888s for next time which I mounted this afternoon..

Combined weight of the track wheels over the stock Corrado Speedlines, we are looking at a savings of over 36lbs of unsprung weight between all four corners.

Here are some shots from this past event..

Thanks again Tony for setting it all up and taking some pictures..and to Ben for not blowing it up. Can't wait for next time!