Project: Trizz'l Vee Dos.. by n0ftInc

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Project: Trizz'l Vee Dos..

Compliments of n0ftInc


Let's recap. I purchased the car bone stock, and was delivered from FL May 1st, 2004. It's my first car, and my babygirl.

Fast-forward to last winter, when I added my Cams, MK4 HG, GIAC, H/D Valvesprings, and everything wearable in between. Since then, I had been loosing a quart every 400 miles or so.

This winter, I was determined to find out the cause of my sudden consumption. Rip the head off, and find bent valves, screwed guides, and a busted valvlespring. The block was the main concern this winter, and it wasn't even the main problem. I had planned for a 3.0 VR and even though it may not need it, a 3.0 is what we will some other goodies.

Engine Parts I have:

JE Forged 83mm 9:1 Pistons

APT Tuning Ported 2.9 Intake Manifold Upper & Lower

Autotech 10lb Steel Flywheel

Samco Hoses

ABA Hose Clamps

Thermostat Housing Kit w/ Aluminum Water Pipe

New Oilpump

New Waterpump

Timing Chain Kit

Supertech +2mm Intake Valves

Supertech +1.8mm Exhaust Valves

Autotech H/D Valvesprings


ARP Headstuds

ARP Rod Bolts

ARP Main Bolts

New Injector Seals

Head Gasket Kit

Block Gasket Kit

New Rod, Main, & Thrust Bearings

Interior/Exterior Parts I have:


SS Gauge Rings

S3designs Gauges (Hopefully)

MOMO Horn Button

B3 Cupholder

DDI Polished Aluminum Doorsills

Rear Europanel

Brake Parts I have:

Front Hawk HPS Pads

MKIV Rear Calipers

SS MKIV - Corrado Brakelines

Brembo Crossdrilled Rear Rotors

ATE TYP 200 Fluid


Finshed recovering the suede headliner with the mega industrial strength carpet adhesive. This stuff was so tacky..hope it holds up to the sun this summer.

The brake components are on and fit great.


The engine is pulled and off to C-Tech, where it will all be inspected & machined.


Top notch work! Would love to hear that VR with the blower!

Posted by MPower on 10/31/20 @ 3:10:47 AM

Wow this is ?

Posted by Diggymart on 10/29/20 @ 11:21:51 PM

Beautiful! probably one of my favorite Corrados!

Posted by stevegolf on 10/29/20 @ 1:59:11 PM