VW MK4 Jetta OEM Foglight Wiring

Vehicle: Volkswagen Jetta
Time/Difficulty: Simple
Parts Needed:
  • Headlights with built in fog
  • Headlight switch with fog light function
  • Wiring kit from your supplier of choice (ECS, VX Tuning, etc)
Tools Needed:
  • Various tools like a drill, screw driver, etc.
  • Chances are if you're performing this mod, you probably already have the tools you need. I also did my best to hide the wiring and relay, so I used a drill and a spare bolt to mount it under the engine bay trim.
By svalente315
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This is a how-to on how to install headlights with built in fog lights on a car that didn't come with them from the factory. Essentially, any non GLI Jetta in the US didn't come with fogs from the factory, so if you want to install them, this how-to is for you!

You can refer to the video for more details, but I'll do a brief explanation below.

Once you have all the parts, you'll have to remove the front bumper in order to remove the headlights. Remove the headlgihts, and then you can get to installing the wiring. The wires will run from each headlight to the relay, from the relay to the battery, and from the battery into the cabin.

Wiring it all up isn't hard at all. Getting the wiring through the firewall is the hardest part, but there are open grommets, and having something like a metal coat hanger will definitely help. Once the wiring is in the car, remove the old headlight switch, plug the wire into the correct slot of your new switch, and you're good to go!

Feel free to comment on this post of my video if you have any questions!