TSI Oil Change!!! by Track5tar

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TSI Oil Change!!!

Compliments of Track5tar @ www.vwvortex.com

This DIY is applicable to Eos, Tiguan, CC, MY08.5+ GTI, MY08.5+ GLI, some MY08.5+ Jettas, and MY 08.5+ Passat.

My 2010 passat is just at 5,000 miles and personally I dont want to wait until 10,000 for VW. I've talked to the parts lady at desert VW in vegas and she said that they still recommend every 5000 miles(basically they cover every other oil change until 30,000). Up in salt lake city, the dealer said for 2009 its recommended every 5,000 and for 2010 they changed it to every 10,000. ?!?WHAT?!?.

Anyways lets get to business! Since I cant find DIYs for our cars I'll just put one together. Also I ran into problems that you guys can surely avoid with this DIY. but once you have the right tools, it's cake.

-->DIY to be a guide, don't hurt yourself or your car in the process.I'm not responsible for screwups<--


-Oil Filter '06J 115 561 B' ($14 @dealer)

-5w-40 fully syn. Oil 5 quarts (castrol syntec $5.XX/qt@dealer vs. $7.49/qt@autozone)

-filter wrench 76mm (I got one that tightens the grip as you loosen the filter - $5@autozone)(DON'T BUY FRAM 76mm it doesnt fit)

-18mm socket (for drain plug)

-Oil pan (to drain oil into...u can use anything really, just bring used oil to parts store for recycle)

-Ramps or jack and stands

RECOMMENDED ITEMS but not required:

-Funnel (add oil w/o mess)

-torque wrench (ensure proper tighten)

-torque values for filter and drain plug (I might be wrong)

-Drain Plug washer(70cents@dealer, they gave me 10 for free)

-wheel chocks (for safety)

1. Jack up car or put on ramp

2. unscrew drain plug and drain oil into pan

3. while oil is draining, pop the hood and take off the engine cover(attached by 4 points, just pops out)

4. move that hose out of the way

5. once oil stops flowing, unscrew the filter a bit and let the rest of the oil drain out

6. pull the filter up, its ok if it drips back in.... just don't let the oil drip any where else

7. put in new filter, i used the new oil to lube the ring and hand tightened it

8. put the drain plug back in (30nm if u have torque wrench and replace the washer if you want)

9. fill with new oil, I filled 4.75qts and checked the oil level

10. start up the engine and let it run for a bit and check for leaks

11. bring car down from jack/ramp

12. shut it off and wait a few mins and check oil again, add if necessary (you wanna be careful not to go over max line, its better to be a bit low on oil than too much)

13. go get a drink 

sorry this DIY is a bit rough, its my 1st and i just wanted to get it done. If i missed anything or if there are suggestions please feel free to let me know. Below are pics for this DIY


Nice details 👍

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