Scirocco GTO Mid-engine by garasja

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Scirocco GTO Mid-engine

Compliments of garasja @

Scirocco TSR-RWD

project start.

90% thinking

ten hours working day

more welding

New metall

testing 02a 6-speed tranny with slip dif

New top mounts from golf 2 

1,8t aeb engine and tranny innside:-)

driver side almost finnish

More new metal after 35 years

and welding....

many hours ..2 gas bottles and 1 weldthread 

almost finnish (driver side)

g60 wheel hub

engine innside time.

The bosch angle grinder needs new brushes

yeah! i can see the finnish line soon!

More metal porn 


subframe ready for painting 

After 3 weeks 10 hour day.

rear driver side 

I own this car since 1994.1999-2004 Installing the rieger kit,new paint and rollercage.I started rwd project oct 2010 

Almost five years took it to finnish the rieger and rollercage mounting.1999 to 2004(2 old house project also).here with the 1,8 gti engine. 

Pictures from 2006 i think 1,8 gti with t03 turbo

And today the steering 


After 3 weeks 10 hours day,the engine is inside!!! yeah!

What a f... No engine in front? hm 

 blueprint for the intercooler. anyone with a good idea?

up and down controlled with a switch of course 


Today i started the wiring loom for the engine,and the rearbrakes are mounted.



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This is an excellent build story! Again, kudos a job well told and done!

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