Mk1 getting some glitter back... by fredybender

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Mk1 getting some glitter back...

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Bought the Mk1 in october; its Hibernating in my driveway for now, but accumulating the needed parts;

On the menu:

Media blasting the whole car

Diamond Silver repaint

New window, scraper sets & misc. seals

Coil overs

Dash overlay

10.1" front brakes

16V rear brakes

22mm master cyl. swap

stainless braided lines

Hydraulic hand brake coupled with prop valve

new carpeting

Short shift kit

Poly mounts

2.0l 16V with 9a tranny (everything to be rebuilt)

Looking for a deal on a Peloquin or a Quaife

Ignition MSD 6Al + 8920/8921

40 DCOE webers

TT swaybars front & rear

wheels (looking out for a sweet deal either on ATS cups or RS's... 15" max.) 

A3 fuse box swap

Air dam

Bumper mods for the euro look

Poly mounts

16V engine mounts

16V headers

Borla exhaust system

I'm sure I'm missing a few things, but I guess your getting the picture...

I have to finish my race motorcyles rebuild, before going full time on this one...

I also have an A3, 2dr that I will take as my "track bitch" this summer, so the Mk1, will be a relatively slow process...

BTW I have bought this car, because my first car was a 78' Scirocco, and I just missed having one...

Thread useless without pics, so here it goes:

First Rocco in 1983, doing Auto-X

Picking up the car in Ottawa

Driveway hibernation

2.0l 16V just waiting...

Got my coilovers this week

Weber 40 DCOE, getting rebuilt

Keep you all posted!


Beautiful car!

Posted by MPower on 11/25/20 @ 10:38:10 PM