Project Fredybender V2.1 : NA with an attitude for the track by fredybender

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Project Fredybender V2.1 : NA with an attitude for the track

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After buying a second and a third Scirocco mk1 in the same week, I think that it's time to put all my different aspiring project onto one platform; 

I present to you Dagomar...

On the menu, a full track day car, with all necessary goodies

Just wanted to start this up, more to come, very soon, I have to go to the machine shop at lunch; big valves getting installed in the head this week, but I have my saying on specifics, about how they will do it 


Chronological chain of events;

1- At one point during summer (Between VagKraft & H20) a small brain fart including engine about Euclid, was assessed.

2-Started to acquire some of the said needed parts just for an "upgrade engine build for Euclid"

3- Yeah right!

4-Saw 3 different sightings of double sided rainbows since September; Kathy you know you are the culprit!

5- Started entertaining a true track day project...

6- Bought a 78 from Smith Falls Ontario last week, with the best intentions to make this a great track car...

7- Saw the car, after driving about 7 hours to get it, saw the rust, and more rust... Bought it anyways...

8- Brought the car to my house, and started taking it apart, bit by bit, and leaving nothing but rust for the crushers. Got everything I could out of the car (see pics) 

9- Contacted Larry in NH, North of Boston for his shell for sale

10- Drove 3 times to export control in NY, to try to buy the car

11- Got export control approval, to buy Larry's 80

12- Rented a trailer, and brought her back, ready to get the "good stuff"

13- got back from NH yesterday night around 2:30 am

The pics: 

Bought second Rocco with pics only:

Ended up looking like this:

Cut it up in pieces, and the sent out Euclid for winter 

Got the other one in: Thanks Larry!

Big valve kit:

More specs coming soon...

Rule #1 complied with...

This is what the river blue 79 looked like yesterday...

I kept almost everything sheet metal that was good.

Never knew a car could be so small...

Now Euclid is sleeping for winter, with a lot of toys around it...No choice Dagomar is now taking the garage space for the winter build...


Nice job!

Posted by Diggymart on 3/3/19 @ 12:38:17 AM

Nice job!

Posted by Diggymart on 3/3/19 @ 12:38:15 AM