2016-2024 SPA Volvo XC90 Front Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

Vehicle: 2020 Volvo XC90
Time/Difficulty: 15min/Easy
Parts Needed:
  • New Wiper Blades
Tools Needed:
  • None
By svalente315

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I used Bosch Aerotwin A297S wipers for my replacement. They are a direct replacement that don't require any sort of adapter clips. They are also sold as a pair, so you get the driver and passenger side blades when you buy that model number.

1) Start by turning the ignition one time with your foot off the brake. This way the car is on but not started.
2) Swipe right on your center screen and find 'wiper service position'. Tapping that will move the wiper arms up and into a position they can be hinged up without contacting the hood.
3) Hinge the wiper arms up
4) Angle the wiper blade away from the arm, and press the small button that releases the blade from the arm. It should now slide out. This is the same for both driver and passenger wiper blades.
5) Install the new blades in a similar manner. Make sure they're angled away from the arm, slide it in, and you should hear a click when they're properly seated.
6) Hinge the wiper arms back down onto the windshield
7) The car should still be on. Tap the 'wiper service position' icon again to move the arms back to their home position.

At this point you can turn the car off and admire your new wipers! If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them here or on the YouTube video. Thanks for checking out this tutorial!