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Vehicle: Volvo - S60 Gen1
Engine: B5234T7

I love in modifying my car Volvo S60 2.3T Year 2001.  I want to make it the best car of my life.

My Project S60 2.3T Year 2001 B5234T7

Objective 450 HP on Wheel

Modification Info.

Stage 0
1. Custom FMOG (Oil Gear)
2. Replace New Drive Shaft
3. 330mm brake rotors

Stage 1
1. Custom high flow Exhaust 3 inch (Catless)
2. Custom high flow intake 3 inch with Bigger 4 inch HKS mushroom filter

Stage 2
1. Custom Downpipe 3.5 inch
2. R Manifold
3. Upgrade Intercooler FMIC

Stage 3
1. Turbo Solenoid Valve Boost Control Pierburg
2. Swap TD04 to K24 turbo Hybrid Inducer Dia. : 58 mm Exducer Dia. : 75 mm Blade 8+8
3. Westgate Mamba Stage 3 with Spring Orange support 26 PSI 1.8 BAR
5. Blow Off Valve (Greddy FV)
6. water-methanol injection system Snow Performance 210 Injection Kit
7. Custom big 4 MAF
8. Fuel Injectors 650cc BOSCH EV14
9. Fuel Pump Aeromotive 340 LPH Stealth High-Output In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump EFI GM 11569 Compatible E85
10. Custom Ram Air Induction Plate Kit For Pressurizing the air filter box


1. Upgrade front bumper S60R
2. Head light S60R
3. S60R body kit
4. Brake Bambo S60R
5. Heico Wheel 18 inch
6. Suspension System Bilstein B6

Tuned ECU Info.

Tuning software with Hilton Stage 3

Add-Ons: Automatic Transmission Torque Limiter Removal – Remove the first and second gear torque limiter from automatic transmissions.
Catalyst Delete (Stage 2 and up only)
E85 Tuning

Next Step

1. High Energy Ignition Coil
2. Defi Gauge set
3. Upgrade Fuel Line Teflon Braided Line E85 PTFE
4. Rebuild Engine Forged Rods, Forged Pistons
5. Convert from Automatic trans to Manual trans
6. Boost Target 3 Bar

Date : 27 May 2019

Today, I just finished installing Defi A1 Guage to my car

Ride Videos


Great post!

Posted by Diggymart on 6/12/19 @ 1:48:03 PM

Nice ride! Looks quick!

Posted by stevegolf on 6/2/19 @ 11:28:13 PM