2001 Porsche Boxster V8 swap

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This is an ongoing project aimed at Time Attack racing. 2001 Porsche Boxster with a Maserati/Ferrari F136 4.2l V8.

Car definitely still has a long ways to go, but it's at least running and driving healthy.


I’ve been staring at a ton of these old Maserati v8s for sale and thinking they really do belong in a lot of chassis’s! I like it!

Posted by Cuttyman9 on 12/6/20 @ 9:42:18 AM

They are a pain in the ass to swap in. Mainly due to the lack of information and readily available aftermarket support for things like transmission adapters. But if you can get past that, they definitely make for a head-turning build.

Posted by Squonkwerkz Garage on 12/6/20 @ 9:48:56 AM

Yeah, I can see that being a pain but overall it can’t be much different than most engine swaps outside of the same brand. They are great looking engines too.

Posted by Cuttyman9 on 12/6/20 @ 9:08:49 PM

Like the video “concern” and onward too funny

Posted by Diggymart on 11/29/20 @ 3:28:27 AM

This is so cool!

Posted by Diggymart on 11/29/20 @ 3:27:17 AM