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Here’s my 94 Camaro Z28. It’s all original, believe it or not, with only 46,000 on the odometer. I bought it at a used car dealership around Christmas of 2018 with 43,xxx on the odometer. Dealership said they took it in as a trade. It’s been a New York car all its life, I’m guessing the previous owners kept it up well, garaged during our N.Y. winters. All original 5.7 LT1 engine mated to the 6speed BorgWarner transmission from the factory. So far, all I’ve done to it, new OptiSpark distributor, new plugs & wires & a new fuel filter. I plan on modifying it a little bit, with a cold air intake, exhaust, some suspension work & maybe a fresh shifter, but other than that, it’s staying mostly stock so it can still be enjoyed as a 90’s summertime daily driver. 

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Wow great shape!

Posted by Diggymart on 9/5/19 @ 9:36:26 PM

Nice Camaro!

Posted by miatamatt on 8/10/19 @ 3:41:46 PM

Nice! Got to be one of the ones with the lowest miles. Don’t see too many of those in such good shape. Glad to see you are keeping it fresh.

Posted by stevegolf on 7/2/19 @ 12:11:43 AM