1979 280zx Resto Z clone

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Vehicle: Nissan - 280zx
Engine: 2.8L L28E I6

I wanted a Datsun since I was 8 years old. 2 years ago I drove 14 hours to pick up a $500 non running Datsun  280zx. I knew the engine and body needed work but I had to have one. After hauling it home I got to work. It will be finished by Spring 2021! 


-complete engine rebuild in my garage from bearings and seals to valve adjustment and pistons. 

-stage 4 cam + flat top pistons

-triple carbs

-header with 2" exhaust to an HKS hipower muffler. 

- fuel cell with holly fuel reg / pump etc

- half roll cage

-made a custom dash


-Rota GRID V 3.5" lip rims

- 260 styled air dam, rear spoiler, power mirror delete w/ fender mounted mirror replacement, fender flares

- complete rewire

-190 hours of metal fab and body work to get it in for paint (paint from Joe Barto) 

-excedy clutch/flywheel upgrade


Looks like you put a lot of work into it. Looks 500X better than when you got it. Really like the color scheme you went with and the gold wheels.

Posted by JimL on 10/22/20 @ 10:15:19 PM

Too much work 😂 but so worth it for the learning / knowledge gained. thank you very much for the compliments! i feel that, the color scheme is uniquely perfect for this one

Posted by Conekillerautox on 10/22/20 @ 11:09:26 PM

Agree! Super cool!

Posted by Diggymart on 10/23/20 @ 1:27:18 PM

Such cool cars!

Posted by Diggymart on 10/20/20 @ 5:21:50 PM

they are so unique in Japanese car history

Posted by Conekillerautox on 10/22/20 @ 11:08:23 PM

This thing is gorgeous! I bet it sounds amazing with those carbs!

Posted by stevegolf on 10/17/20 @ 1:43:26 PM

thank you!!! I have yet to fire if up. I need to finish running the fuel lines from fuel cell and rewire the car then it should sing!

Posted by Conekillerautox on 10/17/20 @ 2:02:53 PM

Are you keeping it N/A?

Posted by bdub on 10/16/20 @ 3:45:37 PM

Yes! Rebuilt the l28 with flat top pistons a stage 4 isky cam and the addition of triple carbs should do it justice. I have another turbo car so I want to experience the n/a feel and sound

Posted by Conekillerautox on 10/16/20 @ 3:52:25 PM

Thats awesome! Feel everyone is going with turbos now a days. Cool seeing something different!

Posted by bdub on 10/16/20 @ 3:54:14 PM

Thank you! that or ls swapping everything

Posted by Conekillerautox on 10/16/20 @ 5:00:05 PM

Thank you! that or ls swapping everything

Posted by Conekillerautox on 10/16/20 @ 5:00:04 PM