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A car that has been rescued and rebuilt in stock form, saw nitrous, was the worlds first rear mount turbo m275, and now is one of the only m275s to have custom turbo manifolds and larger turbos. 


-twin Borg Warner s200 series billet turbos

-twin tial 38mm wastegates controlled by a turbonetics eboost2 controller

-twin hks ssqv4 bovs and a custom large air to air intercooler conversion

-custom coilover conversion with wheelspeed/abs/esp/bas/ps/ac deletes

-upgraded transmission valve body and solenoids

-Big 8pot Brembo front brake conversion

-gutted interior with 8lb seats/harnesses

-hood exit wastegate and exhaust dumps 

-Eurocharged Performance custom stage X tune into uncharted territory 

-upgraded remote oil cooler / efan

-upgraded efans 2000+ cfm with a Davies Craig thermostatic controller

-TCU tuned by Eurocharged Performance 


I still really badly want something with the m275 engine.... This thing is epic!

Posted by Cuttyman9 on 10/22/20 @ 11:01:40 PM

thank you!!! i got it broken for 6k and would do it over again 1000 times to have that engine :)

Posted by Conekillerautox on 10/22/20 @ 11:07:53 PM

Wild ride! Always wondered when someone was going to hot rod one of these. How is the v12 to work on? I figured these would be pretty complicated to work on.

Posted by stevegolf on 10/17/20 @ 1:46:33 PM

It really is not tooo terrible to work on once you get a lot of stuff deleted and out of the way! 😂 the hardest part is tuning the ignition (24 plugs 2/cyl) and massively expensive coil pack banks. i trust eurocharged performance to tune and I do everything else. ita not a complicated engine just more of everything. i feel like i have improved. a lot of the faulty / flawed bits from MB and have made it more fun but all was at the expense of the "luxury" features of the cl. which bothers me none. power > comfort

Posted by Conekillerautox on 10/22/20 @ 11:07:15 PM

Its a fun car!

Posted by Conekillerautox on 10/16/20 @ 3:55:15 PM

Holy crap! Sounds beastly

Posted by bdub on 10/16/20 @ 3:44:28 PM