1936 Chevy Master Coupe

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Engine: 3.4L I6

A father son project acquired in a trade for repairing a building for a friend.

Currently it’s sitting with a 327 Chevy and turbo 350 but that will all come out in favor of  period correct(for a hot rod) 61 401 Buick “nailhead” v8.

We have some offenhouser and edelbrock parts to spice it up as well.

It currently sits on a corvair front suspension and an 8.2” Chevy 10 boot out back but both were done poorly.

Maybe a Jaguar IRS in the rear if we decide to keep the corvair front.

A lot of the chassis hardware/exterior/interior is to be determined because it’s a bit early in the restoration. It will probably be two tone and on either old aluminum torq thrusts or a factory appearing steel wheel.


This is cool!

Posted by Diggymart on 10/26/21 @ 1:41:19 AM

This will be sick when it’s done. I like the Mustang in the background too.

Posted by CCmyVW on 11/20/20 @ 12:47:54 AM

Thank you, it’s a slow one as I acquired it late and it’s a split project between my dad and I. That’s my dads 68 coupe behind it. It’s very clean

Posted by Cuttyman9 on 11/20/20 @ 5:16:20 AM

Looks good! Planning on keeping the body the same?

Posted by miatamatt on 11/6/20 @ 6:37:26 PM

More than likely restore it since we will have to rebuild the inner structure still and it’s gonna need some significant body work to make everything fit.

Posted by Cuttyman9 on 11/6/20 @ 10:30:32 PM