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Hello,  I picked up this 1992 Stealth RT/TT last week. It's been quite the mystery. The person I purchased it from bought it off a tow yard which had a lien on it.
 the guy knew the basic stuff it had based on looking at the electronics inside the car and some of the visible stuff on the outside and under the hood like the big brake kit (ceika 6 pot front, 4 pot rear setup with floating 330mm rotors) and the intercooler piping and Arc2 but didn’t dig deep in it and just said it was fast. Looking at the car from underneath it definitely has a lot of work done to it. the exhaust is definitely aftermarket but I didn’t see any names on it, ill post pictures to see if anyone knows what brand it might be. Its missing cats too as far as I remember, everything was reasonably clean underneath it(especially compared to my Z and SVX which both leaked for a good while before I got them…) it has an aftermarket radiator, a blitz EBC, an hks ignition box of some kind, it has a knock monitor, it has a generic BOV, it has an ARC2 but uses a maf that’s big and plastic whereas the normal kit for ARC2 shows an aluminum housing for the maf, it has CXracing hard pipes from the looks of it, 550cc RC injectors and a handful of small billet parts for various things.
 He thought he blew the turbo seal on one of the turbos so I had him take a picture and that spurred my purchase. The car has what looks like DR650 turbos. Most definitely not stock and at the minimum 19T turbos. I had a suspension they were something like that.
 So I bought the car, towed it hope in case the turbos were hurt or the motor and it had a bad battery. I got it home and slapped a battery in it and it fired up, ran pretty good but I noticed it maxed out the AF gauge after revving it, then after shutting it off I realized the garage was full of smoke haha but no the oily type, definitely all fuel.
 After digging further, it appears it has very very very clean heads based on looking inside the oil cap, I used a borescope to check out stuff in there, the valve springs and retainers are definitely 3sx pieces just based on looks, I didn’t see any logos on the cams, I was looking through the spark plug hole and saw pretty smooth looking pistons with no markings on them which look a bit like the ones on 3sx’s site minus the logo. I tried looking in the intake but I didn’t see much special in there. I also looked down through the dip stick tube but couldn’t make out much when looking in there.
 Looking forward to the oil change and the valve cover gasket to show up. curious how much work is done on the bottom end and also head wise because they could be big valve ported heads and it could be a forged rotating assembly which explains the turbos.
 Also looking forward to sorting the rich condition and driving this thing, it could be a monster!!!

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Looks like a good find! That thing could be a beast.

Posted by stevegolf on 7/2/19 @ 12:13:58 AM

Keep us posted! ????

Posted by Diggymart on 6/11/19 @ 12:30:08 PM