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After having a bunch of problems wth my Pontiac G6 GT convertible, I parted that car out and purchased this little G5 GT (G.M. Delta platform).  After acquiring this car, I changed the oil and that unlocked a TON of problems.  The previous owner neglected this car and did not do regular oil changed (which is a GIANT 'No-No' in the realm of Ecotec engines).  Because of the pandemic, there were NO PARTS available to rebuild the original 113k mile 2.4 litre I-4.  I purchased a used 65K mile 2.4 litre and did a few modifications to the car.  I began to make a spoiler for the car (which is on hold at the moment).  I swapped on the G6 18" wheels and installed a set of Cobalt (LNF) Brembo brakes on the front w/ drilled / slotted rotors and stainless steel braided brake lines.  I had a gauge cluster overlay made to match the Classic Instruments Tellow Autocross series gauges (Oil Press, Trans Temp & Volts), which are in a customized triple A-Pillar pod.  The car also has an upgraded factory FE5 (24mm) front sway bar, FE5 struts, heavy duty Moog end links and polyurethane bushings.  There is also a ZZP rear sway bar.  The factory power rating is 173 horses.  This is bumped up a little from factory with a CAI, port matched intake manifold, a smoothed out exhaust (head) port and 2.5" exhaust and base ZZP tune.  I still have a larger T/B w/ adapter plate and ZZP 2.4 litre performance N/A cams to go int he car.


Bet that’s a fun little daily driver. Looks clean dig the five spokes

Posted by MPower on 7/7/22 @ 1:10:23 AM