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I bought this car in July of 2014 and drove it daily for about 20 months.  One day, I was heading to bowling and crested a hill, when the woman driving a Chevy Venture van was STOPPED in front of me.  Her tail lights weren't working and I blasted the back of her van...essentially totalling my GTO.  I kept the car, took the insurance payout and rebuilt it, using a totalled car I acquired online.  In 2017, the motor let go.  My friends and I rebuilt it and did some mods to the engine.  Then in 2018, I spun a bearing on cylinders #4 and #6.  Also at this time, I was looking to buy a home; but my father had a stroke.  My parents wanted me to move back in with them, so I could help them / my father.  Instead of buying a home, I had the motor of my GTO rebuilt.  This was the start of the restoration / rebuilding of this GTO to what I feel G.M. should have done to this car...


Sick GTO! Must’ve been heartbreaking when you crashed it. Looks like you did a great job fixing it

Posted by MPower on 7/7/22 @ 1:08:55 AM

Crazy story! Glad you kept the car and decided to restore. Those GTOs are future classics.

Posted by stevegolf on 6/25/22 @ 1:58:15 PM