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I have always wanted a Westfalia camper but with the VanLife popularity skyrocketing the price I figured; Why not make my own?

With the help of a great pal I secured this ‘83 Tin-Top Vanagon as a base for my ultimate camper dream

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Looks awesome, usually these are rusting away, looks fairly clean. What are your plans for it?

Posted by stevegolf on 6/10/20 @ 12:16:16 AM

Im going to be turning it into a Westfalia camper clone to use on my trips around North America. Got tired of sleeping in my Golf hahaha After the initial install of the camping parts and roof I might swap in a Subaru 2.5L or a TDI

Posted by Jiggawattjames on 6/13/20 @ 4:28:32 PM