1963 Chevy Nova Convertible

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By Mjim_20
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Young knuckle head. Jumped into a tricky project, but am willing to see it out. No prior knowledge in cars but really wanted my dream car. 

Car is a 1963 Chevy Nova convertible. Mostly stock except a few upgrades. Engine is a 305 engine, late 80’s model, 2 speed powerglide transmission. Recently converted brakes for front set of wheels.

just going fo a classic look with my own twist to it. 


Looks good!

Posted by Diggymart on 10/16/21 @ 12:04:32 PM

Looks real clean!

Posted by bdub on 10/11/21 @ 12:41:29 PM

Looks like you got a great car to start from! Love the old Novas.

Posted by miatamatt on 10/10/21 @ 5:13:13 PM

Looks great! Bet it’s a fun cruiser

Posted by stevegolf on 10/5/21 @ 1:07:12 AM