1976 Pontiac Trans Am

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 My first car was 1978 Trans Am. 400 T/A 6.6 automatic w/ Hurst shift gate (his/her) shifter. It was gold, no screaming chicken on the hood. I loved that car, sadly it wrapped itself around a telephone pole. That was 1986 and I was 16 years old. 

Fast forward to 2008, working a sales job that took me to Madison, WI and I drive by a silver Trans Am for sale on the side of the road. (I’m a sucker for cars for sale on the side of the road). This was a 455 4 speed car, unrestored and a bit rough, but now my car...

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Looks awesome! Got any plans for it?

Posted by miatamatt on 11/13/18 @ 2:47:14 AM

Wow great car these were 🔥💥

Posted by Diggymart on 11/7/18 @ 11:51:55 PM