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Nice, I’ve always wanted a Ranger. What are your plans for it?

Posted by miatamatt on 3/23/20 @ 10:37:53 PM

Hey, I'm not 100% sure at the moment what the future goals are, but I traded an older motorcycle I wasn't riding for this thing. I was hoping to turn this thing into more or less a winter beater. At the moment it runs and drives, but the rear brake line needs to be replaced and there's a little bit of smoke after driving it for about 10 minutes. More of a fun wrenching project than a daily at this point lol

Posted by welltal89 on 3/24/20 @ 12:13:09 PM

Nice, just throw some sandbags in the back and it'd be a nice winter beater.

Posted by miatamatt on 4/8/20 @ 7:13:14 PM