1975 CB550 F cafe... SV650/Ninja frankenbike by verboten1

By diyauto
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ahhh, dilemmas!

I really really want a white stripe on the tank, but I also want to use red on the bike, like so:

I guess I could use white, but I want to use red as an accent color.


I finally got the hang of the powder coating unit!!!

my top triple...

rear brake pedal


I have been doing wire brush or sanding, and then solvent cleaning.

after the solvent clean, i baked the part to get rid of any possible out gassing, let it cool til I could touch it, then move it to the spray rack while warm

I can paint, and do pretty well if I don't say so myself, this is just a way different medium, but I am liking it!

I hope to get one of those pressure vessel blasters, but will limit myself to nice weather work, as I can't do that in the shed :(


I did some work today, it's amazing how simple these things are!

I need to fix up that tank dent, and get some painting done

Riley (my 9 year old son) wanted to get a pic of me on my bike, so here it is!

this thing feels so small!!!