Car Not Starting? How to diagnose properly and quickly

By SamDIYer

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No crank, no start? Watch this video, I'll walk you through on how to diagnose easily and safely what's causing the car engine not to start.

In this video, I am going to show you how to diagnose a car engine not starting because the shift cable was dislodged/detached from the shift lever. There are a lot of causes for the engine not to start at all, but this video focuses on the shift cable being detached from the shift lever arm because the plastic grommet on the cable eye was broken. The grommet keeps the cable eye from being detached from the shift lever. It keeps the connections between the cable and the lever, tight.

This issue happened few weeks ago in our 2007 Toyota Corolla S when my wife was backing up from our driveway to the street. The car started perfectly. All the systems were running great. She she backed up to the street with no issues at all. But, when she tried to change gear from Reverse to Drive, the car just died totally, as if someone just took out the battery from the engine compartment. When she tried to re-start the car, the engine would not start at all, not even a cranking sound at all. The headlights were running well. The horns were operating great.

After doing some thorough research from YouTube and other websites, I learned that what might be causing this issue was a detached or misaligned shift cable. And sure enough, after investigating, I found out that the shift cable was detached from the shift lever arm keeping the transmission gear in Reverse position, although the shift lever indicated that it was in Park position.

So, here it is guys. I am sharing you how I figured out what causing our 2007 Toyota Corolla S not to start. In my next video, I'll show you how to replace the shift cable.

I am hoping this video will help you resolve this same issue as I had in our Corolla S.

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