Replace broken rubber shift **** assembly by sonicd0012

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Replace broken rubber shift **** assembly 

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My shift **** has a broken rubber piece that has disconnected and fell exposing the shift assembly. Bentley stated that this piece is not available for purchase and the entire shift assembly must be replaced. Cost to replace, $2K. Seems insane so this is the DIY.

1. You will need to remove the entire panel. Follow this link. I did everything below, except for disconnecting leads to avoid any error messages appearing.
2. Once you get to the shift assembly you will need to take off the metal ring. On both sides, use a screw driver and place it in the holes to push out the teeth, wiggle up, it will lift up.
3. Under that remove the plastic cover. It has teeth that lock into place. Carefully using a flat head remove this.
4. Under that you will see the circuit board. This circuit board is held by teeth. Again, pop off the circuit board very carefully and lift up. Do not disconnect any wires.
5. On both sides you will see a small circle. In one of them you will see the piece that has fell and got stuck. Place a screw driver in there and push up. The piece will slide up.
6. This is the part that sucks. Because you need to connect the two pieces, you need to put the car in Neutral. To do this, put the key in the iginition and turn to position 2. Then put the car to neutral, then turn on parking brake or the car will roll.
7. Using super glue carefully glue back the broken edges.
8. You can use good tape over the linked area.
9. You are done, put everything back as originally. You have just saved $2,000