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Blast from the past

Compliments of CLpower @


Came across these the other day of my old car and thought i'd put it up. I've got a lot I still need to load onto the net (mainly old pictures with different rims i've had, etc)

I bought the car new in january of 1999. Day 2 it got lowered with the eibach prokit...i then went on to mess with about half a dozen different suspension setups till I settled on the sportlines you see in these pics. Car went through a lot of stages, was black for most of it's life...on and on...

ghetto CAI (they didn't have them available when I bought this car

EGT Gauge at night

no back seat

no trunk

it and it's big bad american brother

only picture I have up now of when it was black and had C2 Evo's

You Tube Videos:

this one is real dark, I know

type S trying to keep up

nother canyon video with the 2nd gen guys

Just FYI, I replaced the CL with this

Somewhat stock dyno (car only had a canned tune on it)

I bought the car thinking I wouldn't mod it....well this was here the 2nd day of ownership

My plans are mainly suspension as I don't think the car needs more power. I've done a lot of bushing upgrades and plan on a fully adjustable coilover set in the near future, but I have some DBA rotors and EBC Red pads i'm putting on tomorrow.