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My build thread 

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I've had my 97 2.2CL since 03 when i bought it to actually drive me around. Intent hasn't really changed except the fact that now i intend to do it under extreme conditions. For those who don't know me, I've been working on the CL for a long time now. Last thing completed was a fully built head and now I intend to complete my bottom end and misc to make one of the most powerful and unique Acura CLs ever built. Here are a few pictures in a timeline.

Props to Chris!!! Probably the only other H CL on here.

Then I got married. Bought my wife a car. Moved out and things slowed down but now they are back because I intend to finish this decade long build this year. Engine is now put together and cosmetic bay work will happen soon.

Custom transmission gears are 2 weeks out and tranny was just taken all apart. Kinda excited because this is the first time I ever take the transmission apart. Im not listing the mods because there are just to many.

Cleaned up and deciding whether to get a new case or keep it.