Got my 01 CL S yesterday by e30cabrio

By diyauto
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Got my 01 CL S yesterday

Compliments of e30cabrio @


Here are my first two mods and as I complete them I'll post them up.

Mod 1 Removed the horrible steering wheel cover.

Mod 2 Matching "wood" gauge surround Got it on ebay two weeks ago.


Here is the horrible steering wheel cover.

I am from L.A. currently living in Chandler (near Phoenix) hoping I can go home before it gets any hotter.

Car is a well maintained daily with the normal chips, scratches & one keyed rear quarter panel. I am looking for an orbital polisher to hopefully get rid of some of the defects.


Going through the mountain of records I got I found the sticker. Whoo Hoo! lifetime seatbelt warranty!


It was 8k, it is on it's second transmission which was replaced 2/21/05. The original trans sn was BGFA-1024687, the new is BGFA 9001021.

Here are a few after a wash pictures. Anyone have driving lights? Mine are thrashed.

The oil is from my LandCruiser. It loses 1/4 quart a month from the oil pump cover, a 2.00 gasket I have had for 2 years that is a major pita to get at so I add oil.


Great detail thanks for sharing!

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