OEM Quality NSX Custom FLAT Bottom Wheels in CF, Suede, Leather, All colors! Stripes by EuroBoutique

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OEM Quality NSX Custom FLAT Bottom Wheels in CF, Suede, Leather, All colors! Stripes 

Compliments of EuroBoutique @ nsxprime.com


We spend tons of money on our cars each year as we always try to modify the car to stand out. We understand this dilemma as all the owners here are also NSX owners! Every wheel is hand made TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS AND WE WANT YOU TO BE 100% HAPPY!

In the past, if you wanted a steering wheel, there was always a trade-off or sacrifice to be made. Do you go with the latest JDM trend steering wheel and have to mess with re-wiring your horn and cruise control electronics? Or do you sacrifice the safety of the OEM airbag and hope you never need it if an accident occurs?

Well nothing beats OEM steering wheels and this is our belief as well. So now we are offering you OEM steering wheels in custom finishes to meet your particular style or taste. Your existing OEM airbag and cruise control will just swap over to the new wheel.

All of our wheels can be ordered with these options:

a) Increase thickness of steering wheel (think M3)
b) Leather (Smooth or perforated option)
c) Suede option
d) 10mm or 3mm painted stripe in your color choice
e) Carbon Fiber Upper and Lower Grips
f) Flat Bottom Physical shape change
g) *SPECIAL REQUEST we can also do a flat top as well!
h) Smaller Diameter OEM wheel can also be done by special request

*We also can do any custom work you require so just PM / email us direct to discuss as each project is unique! We would be happy to provide a quote.

Best contact is via email: euroboutique.us@gmail.com

Cost: Starts at $899.00 for round wheel and $1499 for a flat bottom wheel + freight depending on what you want done. Core charge is $400.00

We now try to stock a few of the flat bottom CF wheels with red accents as it's our most popular wheels. Please contact us to see if we have one in stock prior to ordering.

Lead times vary so if you need one right away please ask! Remember we do try to stock a few wheels but would be equally happy to custom make one to your specific requirements.

Payment: Paypal accepted at: euroboutique.us@gmail.com

Look for more exciting products on here soon or visit our website: www.euroboutique.us

EB staff

UPDATE: 9/12/14 ~ we got our a few more prototype wheels that we just finished buffing the clear coat and ready for delivery!

Close-up of the craftsmanship:

Installed the increased thickness and flat bottom gives extra legroom for taller guys:

We can also do CF horn buttons if you like and are NOT limited to only these products! We offer matching CF DD Dash piece, Door Trim and Shift knobs too or anything else you want done in CF please let us know!

Leather does not have to be black, can be done in red too:

here's an R8 wheel we just finished for a client with suede side inserts and CF top/bottom plus matching shift knob:


We've had quite a few PM's about the NSX steering wheels and we have been busy doing prototype testing on a few local shop cars. The idea is to offer these wheels as direct plug/play setups on your NSX.

We are trying to narrow the color options and keep at least 2-3 in stock so there is NO DOWNTIME.

We understand many need to be able to drive their car so by having these wheels in stock would speed up delivery time. Each wheel is handcrafted and will feature some similar things such as:

a) Thicker Grip
b) Carbon Fiber option
c) Perforated leather or suede side grips
d) All Suede wheels
e) Deviated color stitching in red or yellow at this time. Other colors also available!

We are currently testing various shapes since not everyone wants a round steering wheel. Stay tuned for a few more samples soon as we finalize our mold designs.

Keep in mind this is a 100% local deal so every wheel will ship out of our shop in Northern CA so there is no international transactions here!

Most of the prototype wheels are s2000 donors because it's a lot easier to find s2000 donors vs. NSX wheels but the principle and process is the same for any brand steering wheel.

All black suede with red stitching:

Examples of s2000 wheels:

Knurled grip on rear feels amazing:

We are not limited to NSX wheels, we have done many other high end brands too:


Sneek peek at our unique flat bottom carbon fiber wheels.....the quality is un-surpassed with the meaty feel of a BMW M3!


We will have some popular designs and combos in stock for no down time in certain cases.

Just sold our first batch of 5 wheels so right now production is in full swing for the next 5 - anyone who wants one with minimal wait time should contact us now.

No other vendor can offer this fast service and if you are local to the SF bay area we will also provide installation.


Look for the first one to be installed in our shop car next week!

We had a few local PRIME members stop by and the first 3 units are all SOLD and SPOKEN for....we have one allocation slot left for one more lucky buyer at this time who wants the wheel without the wait time so PM us.

On a side-note our s2000 wheels are now fully complete and here's some photos of the first ones to be installed in our demo cars.

The thickness is amazing and something you have to feel to believe. It makes our beloved NSX feel like a true exotic. Even the Lambo/Ferrari wheels do not have this level of quality or feel. We actually just built one for a Lambo owner so this must be true

Right now we are only offering two color combos, of course any special color can be custom made but yellow and red are the popular choices:

red version will be our standard option:


Knurled grip:

Custom wheels for other owners:



Update: We have a few more NSX wheels completed and ready to ship!

We are local here in Northern CA so every wheel order is taken locally - we offer both the option to buy outright or a "CORE" option so you can get our wheel first and then ship your stock wheel back to us so there is no DOWN TIME!

thanks and TGIF !


What you've all been waiting for - here are some pictures of the wheel installed and next to a stock wheel!

Note the thickness:


Ira, good to hear from you! We are currently building a custom NSX specific wheel for another LBBP owner!

Sure we can build one in all perforated leather or however you want. EVERY WHEEL is built a customer's specs. Combinations are limitless but as you can imagine with the amount of labor involved we don't just build random ones.

I did something like this for an s2000 owner, but you get the idea here. If you want us to do one for your NSX, let us know and we can work on the design specifications.


We are talking roughly 2mm thicker overall on the wheel so the diameter does not change by much. If you are looking for a slightly smaller wheel, we are capable of making the wheel smaller, but not bigger.

As of right now we are looking at options with the airbag to keep it functional. We can make a CF airbag cover but of course this would render the airbag useless and would only be suitable for race cars / off-road use.

Currently we have some flat bottom CF NSX wheels available in stock with red accents!

We now offer the side grips in two options: Perforated leather or Ultra-Suede:

here's a side-by-side comparison of a stock wheel and the thickness of our wheel!

Also keep in mind the color does not have to be black, it can be custom made in any color such as this Porsche wheelfor a local client:


We are still checking our schedule to see if we can attend and have a booth there

Currently we are looking for 1-3 NSX owners who are willing to promote and display our products on their car at the NSXPO. If you are interested in doing this, we would need proof you have registered for the event and attending and we can work out a special accommodation price.

We know many of you are on the fence and think once you see/feel this product, you will want one for sure. It's really the center piece of any custom modified or even stock NSX as it's the one piece you will touch everyday. We build these wheels for other exotic car owners and they agree it's the absolute best product on the market. Not all CF is equal~!

This is not a NSX wheel but you can see the unique design capabilities we can do, it does not have to be black!

If you are interested in our NSXPO offer, please contact us ASAP, once we have those slots filled then it will be over.

thank you


Happy Friday!

here's a shot of the thickness of the wheel as requested:


^Looking to get this wheel on a car for NSXPO, anyone interested PM me now! I only have one complete leather wheel...it's a very rich looking leather / perforated leather combo wheel. Not everyone is into CF and this might be a great alternative. Still has the flat bottom feature and red accents!



We installed the leather wheel for photos only ~ it's available and READY TO SHIP with core exchange, PM us first come first serve


Another view, better lighting!


Due to an order change, we have available one CF flat bottom NSX wheel available very soon!

Remember there is no wait time and you don't need to send us your OEM wheel first with our core exchange program. We will ship you the steering wheel FIRST so you can install it on your car. When finished you will send us your stock wheel and we will refund you the core charge so there is no down time.

Can't be a better more efficient way to get your stock wheel upgraded. Remember you will re-use your stock airbag and cruise control so nothing is swapped out and you will retain all the OEM functions. The new wheel will make your NSX feel amazing and you maintain the safety factor of airbags for both driver and passenger.

here's the wheel and what it looks like:


Yummy goodies:


Side by side comparo of our carbon fiber vs. full leather wheels. Both have the thicker grip and one has the optional CF horn buttons:




Thank you PRIME for all your orders!

The custom color ones are being built to order and now we have an Imola and Lambo Green color being done

For those who do not want to wait, we currently have in stock and available now:

a) OEM CF upper/lower, flat bottom red stitching, red stripe

b) OEM CF upper/lower, flat bottom silver stitching to match OEM Acura stitching


We are now offering weighted real CF shift knobs to match our dash pieces and steering wheels.

Recently we installed an all black flat bottom leather wheel in a local client's NSX - the car was a pristine black NSX and look amazing with the new steering wheel. The black stitching and black leather was a perfect choice to keep the classy OEM look.


Stock NSX wheels are 380mm in diameter, some of you have asked us if it was possible to build a smaller diameter wheel. We have found a way to create a smaller 360mm diameter stock wheel that will still RETAIN the airbag and cruise control. PM us if you wish to get one as these are more labor intensive and will only be custom built to order.

here's a side by side comparison:

With the holiday season approaching wanted to share a few a custom s2000 Lambo green wheel we built for an owner:


^Yes we do have some Xmas specials on our in-stock inventory! PM us what you are looking for and we may have it in stock. Of course we'll always be more than happy to build any custom color steering wheel for you as well....

here's a very fitting wheel for the holidays! Lambo Verde Ithaca contrast stitching and green stripe


Owners who have purchased our wheels please post photos in this thread so we can have more installed photos!

We currently have two "open" build spots available for anyone who wants to special order a custom configuration before the end of the year. Any orders placed before 12/31 we will be able to build using our rush schedule and get it done quicker than our standard build time. Remember each wheel is BUILD TO ORDER for custom colors. This is a very labor intensive and time consuming process but not many things you can buy today that are really customized to each individual.

We do have a few NSX flat bottom CF wheels with red contrast stitching, red stripe available for sale with our core exchange program meaning you can get the wheel BEFORE X'mas

Optional CF horn buttons:

Smaller 360mm diameter OEM wheel:

Installed in the car:


Thanks guys, we managed to complete two rush orders and they are going out today!

(a) SOLD

We would be happy to make any custom color configuration for your custom NSX

Happy New Year!

Wanted to share a smaller diameter custom NSX OEM wheel we just finished building, specs are:

360mm diameter
Red UltraSuede side grips
Carbon Upper and Lower sections
Flat Bottom
Thicker sport grip
Black contrast stitching
Red 5mm stripe



Currently in stock we have a few wheels with no wait time. Prices are with a 1:1 core exchange so you would send us your stock wheel AFTER you receive ours so no down time on your part!

We have flat bottom CF wheels and a few all rich leather wheels in stock, see below:

a) Flat bottom OEM Leather wheel
Smooth leather upper and lower
Perforated leather sides
Red stitching
Red stripe
Custom thicker sport grip

b) Flat Bottom Carbon Fiber wheel
Real CF upper / lower
Perforated leather sides
Red contrast stitching
Red Stripe
Thicker Sport Grip

c) Flat Bottom Carbon Fiber wheel
Real CF upper / lower
Perforated leather sides
Silver Contrast stitching
Thicker Sport Grip


here's a good reference to a smaller diameter OEM wheel vs. a regular sized one:

And for those who are looking at the various options, here's 3 wheels (left to right) that showcases some of our most popular options and versions of our OEM wheel.

This is a full leather, thicker grip wheel with flat bottom. Red contrast stitching and red stripe make this a very nice subtle upgrade that feels dramatically better than the stock wheel. It's completely hand made using our highest quality leathers!

This is a SMALLER 360mm diameter version of the OEM wheel with a flat bottom. Carbon fiber upper and lower sections with optional JDM ultra-suede that can be done in almost any color to match your car's scheme. Black contrast stitching, red 5mm stripe round out this eye-popping wheel. This wheel also is using our optional CF horn buttons.

This is our most popular OEM flat bottom wheel with a thicker sport grip. OEM diameter with unique contoured grips in perforated leather. Carbon fiber upper and lower sections with a 10mm red stripe. We offer the horn buttons and cruise control in CF versions as this wheel shows.


2002+ NSX owners who have the OEM factory silver stitching, this would be an ideal wheel for you!

Factory look but much improved ergonomics with thicker grip, this customer sent us a photo of our wheel installed on his 2004 NSX


Just an update on our current inventory and new wheels!

We have in stock:

a) NSX CF flat bottom wheel with black perforated sides, silver stitching

b) NSX CF flat bottom wheel with black perforated sides, red stitching, red stripe

To answer a popular question is we do offer smaller diameter wheels and also custom flat bottom + flat top wheels similar to what we do for the R8 owners. We are currently building one for a NSX owner so stay tuned for pics but this is what it would look like (proportions would be slightly different)


NSX flat top AND bottom Carbon Fiber steering wheel! We've been doing this for the R8 community for quite some time but decided to bring this awesome design over since it gives the driver a lot more finger grip area and just feels amazing.

The flat top and bottom is visually unique and also functional with better grip. The upper and lower sections are done in carbon fiber with perforated leather sides and in the case of this wheel, we decided to do blue contrast stitching!


both of these wheels are in stock ready to ship, Happy Easter!

We also have the ability to do aftermarket Momo, OMP, etc if needed, see this custom one below:


Customer recently sent us some photos of his custom steering wheel in his NSX. He did the custom airbag reupholstered in suede and looks really sweet!

We have no plans to offer this service but if you want to get yours done, PM us for info.


We have some of our most popular NSX flat bottom OEM steering wheels IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE READY TO SHIP!


We offer fast shipment with these steering wheels, no wait time and with our efficient core exchange program you can get our custom wheel FIRST, then install it and ship us back your old wheel within 30 days to get your core refund.

Any questions please ask. No job is too small or too big.

We offer both factory (380mm) diameter and smaller (360mm) diameter wheels as well!


360mm smaller diameter NSX wheel finished in carbon fiber and leather!


Imola Orange NSX's owners now we have your wheel in both leather or carbon fiber models!

As always each wheel is custom built to order by hand so no custom project is too unique!

here's a flat bottom, SPORT grip version of our wheel in which we custom shaped the finger grips:

here's the same wheel for those looking for a more OEM feel with NON-SPORT grip and round version:


Guys, currently lead time wise I have THREE OEM NSX Core blanks stripped and ready for your custom order!

This means less lead time and quicker turn-around. Let me know what we can build for YOUR CAR! Each one is hand made to order so no such thing as a mass order.

We are completing with one right now with Rio yellow accents for a NSX owner, stay tuned!

This one is going out to a lucky NSX owner today!

Smaller 360mm diameter OEM wheel utilizes your stock airbag and cruise control!


Some of our products on display at this past weekend's WekFest 2015 Elites Car Show:


here are some wheels are have in stock for immediate shipment (NO WAIT!)


We just completed a few wheels so all orders are being shipped out!

here's a new wheel we completed for a Rio NSX owner, the yellow accents really "pop" and make the car look amazing!


Wanted to share a BEFORE picture while we are building this client's steering wheel:

.....stay tuned for the AFTER photo!


We try to always keep NSX core wheels available for build so you can order a wheel from us and NOT have to ship us your steering wheel until you receive our completed steering wheel. This way there is no down time and you can get it installed and send us back your stock wheel using our Core Exchange program!

PM us to let us build the ultimate steering wheel for your NSX while retaining your OEM airbag, cruise and horns! What specs would you like to see?

Our flat bottom wheels also gain quite a bit of leg room as icing on the cake.

here's a few more very trick NSX wheels we built recently for NSX owners:

The knurled grip is one of our special options for NSX wheels:

If you own a Rio or Spa NSX, we do have one of these wheels in stock (available) with no wait time!


PM's replied!

We have a custom full suede flat bottom (non-sport) steering wheel being made by request. It will be similar to how this s2000 wheel looks but with a flat bottom and slightly thicker grip.

REMEMBER we custom build each wheel to order so if you have a special request, we challenge you to allow us to build your dream wheel to perfection!


Tan Interior can be matched up nicely with this example:


Thanks to everyone we met at NSXPO with the kind words and ideas / suggestions! We loved meeting everyone and getting feedback.

We saw many NSX owners running our steering wheels which was an honor by itself and want to continue to offer innovative products. We also want to congratulate the lucky raffle winner of our steering wheel!

here's some photos we snapped:


Happy Friday!

We have some wheels in stock - BLACK FRIDAY sale till end of November, PM for special pricing but only good for orders paid before end of November, no exceptions!

In stock:

Full leather, flat bottom, sport grip, red contrast stitching, red stripe

Carbon, flat bottom, sport grip, red contrast stitching, red stripe

Carbon, 360mm diameter, sport grip, silver OEM stitching, no stripe


We really appreciate the patience this holiday season as we are trying to complete all orders as promised. There are many exciting things happening here for 2016 as we complete a few really cool demo builds for magazine articles.

All PM's finally are caught up over holiday break!


All PM's replied!

here's a cool color combo we custom built for a NSX owner:

- - - Updated - - -

All PM's replied!

here's a cool color combo we custom built for a NSX owner:


Carbon Fiber with silver OEM silver stitching in stock. We have this wheel available in both 360mm smaller diameter and stock OEM diameter versions.

Pics coming shortly!

All 2015 items in stock are now on sale till end of year, don't miss your chance at significant savings. You can send us your stock wheel first to avoid core fee or take advantage of our core exchange program to get our custom made steering wheel first. Either way is fine, your choice!



Happy New Year 2016!

A lot have asked why our grips look different than stock and the answer is we have 2 versions you can ask for. The (non-sport) is thicker than stock however follows the OEM lines thus no aggressive bulges. The (sport) wheel has more aggressive side grips and thus feels more sporty.

here's a side by side comparison:

Non-sport on left, Sport on right:


In general custom orders take 4-6 weeks to make but we do stock an assortment of NSX OEM wheels here as well!

Keep in mind we will need your stock wheel back as part of our core exchange program.

Currently we have these wheels in stock below. I also have 360mm and 380mm (stock diameter) wheels in CF with silver stitching to match OEM stitch. No stripe.


Our flat bottom full leather wheel installed in customer NSX:


All carbon:


thanks for the post!

We strive to build every wheel for our customer with the highest quality materials and attention to detail!

Just to show some love for other Honda guys, check out this latest wheel we built for a 2014 9th gen Civic:

We currently have some NSX allocation build spots available so call us with your custom build and we'd be happy to build your dream steering wheel!

We have these in stock - both are CF flat bottom wheels, perforated side grips with silver stitching:


Happy Friday, wanted to share an Imola NSX owner's custom build!

Black suede + contrast Imola stitching and carbon = yummy


Not an NSX but same concept!

We can do matching shift knobs, E-brake and other accessories on a per order basis, please PM any questions!


Happy Easter Weekend!


PM's replied!

here's a new build we wanted to share. We have in stock right now for immediate shipment:

1) CF flat bottom, Sport Grip, perf leather side grips, Silver Stitching, no stripe
2) CF flat bottom, Sport Grip, perf leather side grips, Smaller diameter, Silver stitching, no stripe
3) CF flat bottom, Sport Grip, perf leather side grips, Red stitching, red stripe
4) Full leather, Flat Top + Flat bottom, Smooth leather top/bottom, perf leather side grips, Black stitching, red stripe
5) Full leather, flat bottom, Smooth leather top/bottom, perf leather side grips, black stitching no stripe

- - - Updated - - -

Similar build to item (4) however with red stitching instead of black as listed above:


Many wheels in stock ready to ship! PM us for availability

- - - Updated - - -

Many wheels in stock ready to ship! PM us for availability


here's a recent build we completed for a very special project car!

Look carefully and you will note something is "missing" on this wheel and it was a special touch requested by owner. Looks easy but extremely hard to do. The details are what what is important and we leave no stone un-touched

All of the materials used were carefully matched up and gives the car a totally modern look, contrast stitching is Imola Orange:


Happy Monday!

Many times we get questions about custom colors - depending on your needs we can source any materials you want. To start off the week with some color, wanted to share a special Napa green leather build for a very trick wheel, obviously this is not for the NSX but think you guys would appreciate it.

We plan to build a custom steering wheel for our 2017 NSX once it arrives and it will be a head turner for sure!


Happy Friday, here's another local NSX owner getting his custom spec wheel:


Happy Friday!

This wheel in smaller diameter version is available for immediate shipment:



We have a few open build slots available for our next production run. IF you guys want a steering wheel custom built to your EXACT specs, now is the time! Please PM us so we can build your ultimate dream steering wheel.




TGIF, sale ends this Memorial Day!

We currently have 2 open build allocation spots for those who wish to get in on the savings

I also have a few NSX wheels in stock:

a) Flat Bottom, Sport thicker grip, Full black leather, black perf side grips, black stitching, no stripe

b) Smaller diameter Flat bottom, Sport Grip, CF top/bottom, black perf side grips, silver stitching silver stripe

c) This exact wheel pictured below except with black stitching, red stripe:

Questions please ask! All orders placed BEFORE this Memorial day qualify for the sales if you are a past/present military as a thank you for all those who serve/have served




PM's replied!

We just completed a very special flat top / flat bottom NSX wheel, black stitching and red stripe. Available now with no wait.


- - - Updated - - -


Happy Friday Prime!


Follow us on Instagram @EuroBoutique

Visit our website:


Custom color NSX flat bottom steering wheel!


Happy Friday!

Custom flat top / flat bottom NSX wheel feels amazing on the NSX:


Keep in mind besides NSX wheels we also build a lot of custom OEM wheels for the R8, GTR, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, etc markets!

Follow our IG @EuroBoutique



PM's replied!

Contact us for special deals from now through July 4th weekend!

We still have a few wheels in our most popular configurations in stock.


We do offer Dry Carbon as a SPECIAL ORDER option, so yummy!

Custom finishes:


The s2000 wheel is really an ideal size so we have not had much interest in going to a reduced diameter. It can be possible but for now most of our s2000 wheels are mostly concentrated on a shape change for either a flat bottom OR flat top and flat bottom.

this is one of our most attractive s2000 wheels, take a look below, how can you not like this s2000 wheel on either an s2000 or NSX!


We are certain models / specs in stock:

As always we have NSX cores in stock ready for build since 90% of our wheels are made to your specifications. Please PM us for any build and we would be happy to assist.



Custom flat bottom steering wheel installed on this unique NSX, owner loves the new feel of his wheel + retains stock airbag!


Happy Friday!

thanks for all the orders placed Prime!

PM us for details on what is in stock and we do have a few build slots available for immediate builds.

Clarion Builds NSX:

Super clean OEM look flat bottom steering wheel: