Finally started ordering parts for the swap by 6MTUA5

By diyauto
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My transmission just got delivered here to my work

We're about to get the lunch rush in (I'm at work), so I'm going to take some pictures and post them later when I get a chance.

I'm going to have to repost the parts diagrams pictures from the posts above. I was trying this new way of hosting pics through my school, but it asks for a password to be able to view them so I'm going to have to host through Photobucket and post them again.




is that the slave cylinder on the bottom?


I have everything from number 6 left here and will be reusing the stock cables, but will I need number 9 (47571-S3M-A00 ADAPTER, WIRE CASING CAP)?

I don't think they do. I ordered some and here's what they look like.

I was just thinking I might have to order some, but I can use the ones that are still on there .