Fault code P0441 / 16825 - purge valve replace (pics) by crisTSM

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Fault code P0441 / 16825 - purge valve replace (pics) 

Compliments of crisTSM @ https://www.audiforums.com


2003 A6 V6 automatic (no turbo, no quattro)
71,700 miles

Check engine light on.
Car runs and drives o.k. and fuel consumption normal.
The only things which does not look normal are:
- idling about 50 RPM higher
- when coming to stop, still in drive, RPMs go down a little and then idling about 50 RPM higher then normal.

Checking with ross-tech cable and software shows:
16825 - EVAP emission control sys
P0441-002 - incorrect flow - intermittent - MIL ON

See possible causes and solutions here:
16825/P0441/001089 - Ross-Tech Wiki

You can clean the purge valve as indicated by user vrso2 on this forum:

In case you decide to replace purge valve see pics:
remove the cover by lifting up:

disassemble the electric connector and 2 hose clamps and remove the purge valve:

Assemble in reverse order.

I purchased purge valve from Auto Parts Warehouse for $60; part was aftermarket replacement, identical with OE, made in East Europe.