BBS CH-R Wheels and KW Coilovers Installed by Jeff Jones

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BBS CH-R Wheels and KW Coilovers Installed

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I picked up my car from the shop the other day after having a set of 20x9 BBS CH-R wheels (titanium), Michelin Pilot tires and the KW V1 Coilover kit installed. Wow...such an amazing difference. I didn't go too aggressive with the drop (1 1/2 inches) but the lower stance with the larger wheels is a big visual improvement. But more importantly to me, the KW coilover kit has completely changed the feel of the car for the better. I need to spend a lot more time behind the wheel to provide a detailed review but after a few hours I'm loving it. There is no doubt that the ride is more firm and that rough roads, potholes, etc are going to be felt more directly but the ride is still very comfortable for daily driver use. The Q5 was way too bouncy for me and I could always feel the weight of the suv. When you step on the breaks you feel the whole heavy beast dive forward. Accelerate and you can feel the whole car recline. Now it feels much more sports car like and stays planted to the road and level without throwing its weight around nearly as much. I'm coming from a non-S line suspension so the upgrade is huge. New car huge. Step 1 of trying to recapture the fun of the S5 that I traded in for the Q5 is complete. On to step 2. AWE techs, I'm talking to you and anything you can do to get my exhaust built sooner than 8 weeks would be much appreciated

Today was a beautiful day in Seattle and I managed to get some photos of my car:

A shot from the front:

And from the side:

Side Angle:

Side Wide Angle:

And some fun filters applied to the photos:

Took some new photos today playing around with colorful backgrounds:


I wouldn't consider my ride rough. It feels very much like my S5 did. Very sporty, good road feel, much less body roll, etc. You do feel bumps and rough roads a lot more than with the stock suspension but some of this is also due to the wheel/tire choices. I will say that you won't be going over speed bumps very fast after the K1s are installed. I drive a lot and have never been annoyed with the feel of the suspension...I love the upgrade.


Thanks, I'm loving the Q5 still and having fun breaking in the new exhaust. Still deciding whether to get the standard tune or the turbo upgrade and leaning to the full upgrade if I can swallow the loss of warranty.  

I bought the wheels from tire rack for their standard price of $730 each. There are so many great looking wheels but I just fell in love with the look of these BBS wheels and couldn't get them out of my head.


Nice pictures

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Nice pictures

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