Fuel Filler Door Acutator Replacement DIY by cmarshack

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Fuel Filler Door Acutator Replacement DIY 

Compliments of cmarshack @ http://www.audiworld.com


I had my fuel filler door actuator fail on me and decided to do a quick DIY since I am not the only one having this problem.

The only part needed is the following: (credit StFrancis from this thread today the fuel filler door would not open)

- 4L0-862-153 ACTUATOR

This is all I replaced and it worked like a charm!

All you will need is a T20 torx driver.

Step 1: Open the Filler door

Step 2: Remove the Fuel Filler Cap

Step 3: Grab the rear/inside edge of the filler assembly and pull back and out

Step 4: Disconnect the Green wire and pull the unit out further

Step 5: Use T20 to remove the two bolts both top and bottom and remove the actuator. I did not want to remove and reroute the new emergency release cable, so I just pulled it off of the old actuator and put it on the new one. you could probably use the old one to pull the new one into place, but mine looked like new so I reused it.

Just put back in place, replace the two T20 bolts and press the unit back into place, replace the fuel cap and marvel at your work.