200whp with stock N/A rotating assay? by ForcedFirebird

By diyauto
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200whp with stock N/A rotating assay? 

Compliments of ForcedFirebird @ http://www.r3vlimited.com


Title says it all. How close do you think we can get to 200whp N/A with only exhaust, head work, induction and a good factory bottom end?


With the higher compression Euro motors?

Yes, plan is cam, over-sized valves, porting, ITB's, mid length headers with an x and dual exhaust.

Digger, what says PipeMax about the placement of the x pipe? I have Dynomation, and have been meaning to get PipeMax just to help with exhaust.

Here is the subject:

BMW E30 livery decals

BMW E30 engine

BMW E30 livery decals rear end view

BMW E30 race car interior with roll cage

Not going to stop the effort

Rama saw 178whp with ITB's on a stock high mileage engine. Oh yeah, since this is a stock Spec e30, gonna throw your tune on it for back to back comparisons.>

No lying, non biased, facts are facts kinda gig. Same day, same dyno, same car. Let's just see what squid has to offer! I'm going to say minimum 5whp from chip alone....

YES! Will keep you posted. We are in this thing together. Without all this development behind the scenes, and helping each other out, this community would be dead. Let's keep the m20 alive! 24v swaps For The Loss.

Tune can be significant pending what's wrong/right with your hardware. 100% healthy m20 is going to be 150-ish whp. Through dyno testing typical ebay headers are lucky to see 5wtq, no peak HP change with single 2.5"

Still made in China and have lots of copies. These headers are similar to what you are talking about. 24-30" primaries.

Not many m20 enthusiasts are willing to pay $1 plus for proper headers. I have been sitting on my "180 degree" headers for 2yrs plus due to price.