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Joey's iS 

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Following my last e30 I sold, my prized 1990 325i, I thought I'd lay off e30s for a while. I wasn't really looking for an e30 after this one cause of life circumstances. Enough with the monolog..! PICTURES JOEY!!

Funny how you stumble across the exact thing your looking for when you stop looking. After my friend and board member e30ruben told me about an e30 for sale in Redwood (about 130 miles from my house) on Sunday, Monday night we already made preparations to see it. $700 later, $120 for a new battery, and two aspirins for the headache, I was driving myself a project on the brink of the grave; my 1989 Lachsilber 325is

Right off the bat, you can tell its not terrific, but for 7 big ones, I'm not complaining

I've got 99 problems and a bumper makes one

Bondo on my fog light..??

Paint is a little faded in the rear left quarter

IS trunk lip has gone to crap

Looks like they haven't been cleaned in YEARS

Interior is pretty ratted out as well.. It was horribly dirty and had the nastiest seat covers over the front sport seats.. Ugh. Cleaned out the papers and tore the covers off only to find:


Passenger isn't terribly bad..

Carpets are every color of the rainbow. Definitely not tasting that junk..

My biggest pet peeve... Trash down here.. Mind you, this is AFTER I cleaned most of it out


Speaking of the dash

All good baby, all good


Gonna replace that Brake Lining bulb eventually.. ODO gears busted, and the fuel temp gauge does some crazy zjeg, but overall everything else is good cluster-wise

My e30 has a nipple! Remnants of a crappy aftermarket alarm system

Premium Sound and Pop-Out windows make me happy

Overall, it's looking like a fixer-upper.. Engine-wise too. Basic m20, it's got some oil stains for the valve cover and such; Oil pan is spotless bone dry though. Can't say the same for all the ghetto-rigging in the bay though..

What the freak? I don't even. LOL
The torment continues upon inspecting the rest of the engine

Zip ties!!

Random Home Depot tubing and wires for the Radiator Coolant overflow line. Fantastic!

Bypassed heater core! YIPPEE!!!

Spark plug wire supports are completely broken

Ghetto Aftermarket Alarm is Ghetto
...and broken

WTF is this???

Not milkshake... But.. Rusted water possibly..? Judging by the upkeep and ghetto mess, I wouldnt doubt the PO put straight up water in the cooling system

This battery was gone; look at the residue on that contact.. YUCK!

But hey, at the end of the day, these guys make it worth it:

Got quite the project ahead of me, but I'm happy about it. With all it's messes and imperfections, its the exact year, model, and color I wanted.

Oil change today, then taking a much needed vacation; coolant and heater box woes to come