M30 swap for my Olive Drab Vert! by RagtopE30

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M30 swap for my Olive Drab Vert!

Compliments of RagtopE30 @ r3vlimited.com


Hi everyone! First off let me say that I am horrible at build threads because I normally don't have an extra set of hands to photograph stuff as I go. That being said I will try to update this as often as I can with progress and questions. Thanks for looking and the help I am sure to receive! 

I have begun my swap with some light reading and big talk with some other e30 guys here and there! And then I set out to find my pieces as cheap as possible. 

Collected so far:

*Freshly machined B34 bored out to 94.0056 or 3573cc

*Freshly machined, and ported head from a 1989 535i e34

*AASCO 9.5lb B34 Flywheel

*Volvo FMIC

*2.5" intercooler piping kit


*Getrag 260/6

*Wiseco forged pistons

*Good&Tight Tubular T4 stainless steel exhaust manifold 

*E34 535i Oilpan 

*IE adjustable Fuel pressure regulator

*QBang B34 swap motor mounts

*ARP Head stud kit

*179 DME

*Cometic MLS .070 Head Gasket

*Spec Stage 3+ Clutch kit

*Justrack Econometer Boost/Vac gauge

*Jaywood digital voltmeter 

*E28 535i radiator

May 30th, 2012

Today I broke down the short block and prepped it for the hot tank and then it is off to the machine shop! I got a picture or two before I really made progress and then my hands were to nasty to even think about touching my Iphone!

And yes I am working out of my storage unit, the apartment managers don't like oil on the kitchen floor!

More pics:

I have been informed about the pan and I plan on fixing that issue. As far as the Turbo goes, the plan is for boost and plenty of it.

The block and rotating assembly is off to the machine shop on Friday after a good soaking. At the machine shop it will be completely gone over. On the menu, knife edge crank, bearings, cylinder honing, wrist pins, crank and connecting rod bearings, resurfacing head mating surface, then re assembly. And for those DIY guys out there, I will be at the machine shop involved in every step. 

Also at the Machine shop the head will be torn back down to replace the valve guides, regrind the valves and lap them in, and some porting by the hands of a very experienced machinist with access to a flow bench.

Both mating surfaces will be prepped to receive the MLS Cometic head gasket.



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