Talking VNE30 M-fiddy time by bejbis

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Talking VNE30 M-fiddy time 

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This thread is just a report of progress on my 24v swap into my 89 325i. Detailing my thoughts, problems and shenanigans along the way.

So, after looking and waiting, I finally found a 24v motor that suited my needs and my budget. From what i know about the motor, it is a M52 block, M50 head, and MIGHT have S50 cams. The engine was in a Tuner motorsport e36 racecar, and was pulled, running to make way for a euro S52. I was told from the PO that I should assume that the rings/bearings were replaced at some point in the past, that it had 'alot' of miles on it, and that it could go either way on the m3 cams. So until I verify some things, there will be a lot of speculation flying around here.

As of right now, I just got the engine back to my garage. And need to borrow a friends micrometer to measure the cam lift to verify the m3 cams. Ive read the markings on the cams are useless, and the only for sure way to verify M3 cams is to measure the lift. If anyone can verify, that would be great.

All things considered, I think I did well with my purchase of this engine. I don't feel it was cheap, nor expensive, and that both parties got a fair deal. I will need quite a few parts to make this a full motor. But this has to be the cleanest 24v ive ever seen. This is how I picked the motor up this morning. Im assuming it hasnt been cleaned since i dont know when, both the external and internal of the engine is superb.

These are the parts I will need. Assuming the m50/52 blocks accept the same basic parts.

m50 Intake manifold - CHECK
m50 alternator
m50 a/c compressor
m50 throttle body - CHECK
chip for m3 cams
e34 oil pan/pickup/dipstick - CHECK
e28 rubber mounts
modify transmission mount
Wire harness adapter - CHECK
Brake booster - CHECK

Coils, e36 engine mounts, e36 wire harness, exhaust manifolds, e34 throttle cable and a few other things I already have. The list makes up some of the major parts. I plan on using my stock clutch setup/transmission

Ill add some pictures to the next post, and im sure ill keep this thread updated with progress and pictures as i get to them. My goal is to have the car down for as little time as possible during the swap. So as much as i can do beforehand will get documented.

89 325i

m52/m50/s50? Who knows?

Welp, i found a NV m50 out of a e34 for 200$ complete that im thinking about picking up. its 2 hours away but it should have all the swap parts i need to get this motor along with the swap.