DIY Mini Voltage Meter Gauge by Atlant

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DIY Mini Voltage Meter Gauge

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At one point I meant to grab one of georgegraves Volt Meter Gauges but alas he makes them no more so I had to improvise.

I picked up one of these at Adafruit for $7.95 +SH.

First thing I did is pop out my stock sound balance switch from behind and start to disablement it (Really simple just pried off the top and bottom off with a flat head.)

With it all apart the meter almost fit with no modification just had to file down this curve.

Here is one side done.

Then I took and rased the raised speaker icons with some sandpaper (obligatory bad pun) 

As an after thought if I had used some higher grit sand paper the finish would have looked a little nicer. 

Then I RTVed the gauge in place with some black silicon rtv. Both top and bottom.

Put both top and bottom ceramic panels back and and tested it with a 9-Volt.

Put both clips back in. The ceramic panels fit snug (in the front) but I did not want to permanently attach them in case I want to come back and take it apart so just a piece of electrical tape to hold the panels on.

To wire it up just connect the red to Acc +12v I used my radios (Purple and white) and the black to ground radios (brown and white I think)

Finished product.

Some shots of it in the car. (The gauge was too bright for my shitty camera sorry for the bad pictures)

There you have it for under 10$ and an easy hour or two you will have a snazzy looking voltage gauge that fits right in the dash and looks stock.