Fix annoying window clicking by Atlant

By diyauto
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Fix annoying window clicking 

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I am replacing my drivers door so I figured I would look into the clicking when the window reaches the bottom. Same issue on my old car bugged the crap out of me.

First remove the door card, window glass, ect

Then get the track and motor assembly out. This took a bit of finagling.

Run the motor to where it clicks and stop. (12v to the connector)

Remove the four screws hi-lighted in red.
Take the panel off and lift the sliding track off the gear.

You can see why it is clicking where there is a tooth or two worn down flat on the track.

Take and bend the track in slightly to cause the gears to engage better on the track including the worn down teeth.

TaDa! No more clicking! I had no idea if this had been posted before if so just let me know.