Subwoofer Install Tutorial: TONS of pics, none of my buttcrack by StereoInstaller1

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Subwoofer Install Tutorial: TONS of pics, none of my buttcrack

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OK guys, here is the deal. You need a few tools: Screw gun (AKA DeWalt or whatever) a couple of basic drillbits, a few feet of speaker wire, some scissors, a nice condition "Sharpie" pen, a can of spray glue, a wire tie or three, a tiny bit of whatever silicone sealant you might have, a jigsaw, and whatever you plan on cutting the metal under your rear speakers with. I used tinsnips because I am a total badass with the 'snips, yO!

You will also need to buy a part sheet of 1/4" or 1/8" Masonite, AKA Tempered Hardboard. You can get it precut to 14 5/8" X 48" to make life FAR easier. Buy that spray glue if you are out anyway, right?

The box I am installing here is a reject from the group buy I set up. The one you either have received or will receive is nicer...but WTF, this is the test mule in the GFs car.

OK, very first thing: find your port tubes (packed in dirty underwear or plastic crap, inside the box):

Grab that sharpie and a screwdriver. Remove the stock midrange from the premium housing. Insert your port tube in the hole and mark with a sharpie where you think you need to cut to let it fall through, like so:

Here is a shot of my fat ass in the GFs '89, cutting the holes with snips:

OK, so soon as you have those holes done, take a break. NO BONGHITS! Just wait, time is near. Before the break, grab those port tubes out.

Break over? Great! Back to work.

So, I hate terminal cups. They suck balls, even the nice ones. MDF with a hole drilled is way stronger and more airtight.

So, drill a muthafuckin' hole!

No, wrap a wire tie around that ho and squirt a tiny bit of silicone on that:

Go ahead and mount your woofer. Then, you should shove the heavy ass bastard in your this:

Now you surely have remembered the port tubes. These are an absolute whore to get in. Take your time, don't fuck them up. I promise, they fit perfectly. The smooth airflow makes a big difference in bass so DON'T FUCK THEM UP!

Now that you have taken a break after getting them in, your install should look like this:

Now, drill 4 small holes in each corner of what USED to be the ski boot hole and screw your box in place.

You are now ready to wire and make boom. Go ahead, piss off your neighbors...but not too long as it attracts thieves.

OK, so now time to make the back panel. Grab that template and either: Spray glue on it and glue it to the piece of wood I told you to go buy OR cut it out and trace it to that masonite...your call. Precision is important here, so cut the damn thing out as carefully as you can!!!ELEVEN!

You should end up with this:

I use a dirt cheap spray gun and "Landau Top Adhesive", but you are not too likely to be doing lots of this work, so screw it man, buy a can.

So, spray one side of that board...JUST AFTER YOU TEST FIT so you KNOW which side is supposed to be upholstered, like this:

Nice even coat, don't drown it:

So now do the same on the trunk liner AFTER you CHECK to make sure you are spraying the correct side!

Now lay the panel on the carpet, all flat like:

Trim the edges of the carpet to the shape of the panel. Leave about 1.5" all the way around, like this:

Now carefully fold the edges over, pulling gently but firmly, like this:

Now comes the trimming of the corners. I pull the corners together adn clip off the "pinch", but do as you feel:

The backside, all finished:

Now, slip it in place. No need for screws or anything else, just shove it in front of the trunk springs, like this:

See how nice this fits?

Just so you know, this is also the reject trunk liner. You guys all got nicer stuff that matches the color better.

You can mount your amps to this, drill holes ( maybe BEFORE upholstery?) whatever...make it pretty!

I am off to the coast with my honey for a Valentines day mini vacation, so I hope all of you guys get these boxes, and I hope you are as happy with them as I am making them!